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!T QU!Z 24

1.Which company has developed a high-quality raw video format initiative called CinemaDNG, where DNG stands for Digital Negative? A.Adobe 2.September 9, 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of which one-time popular game console made by Sega? A.Dreamcast 3.Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little co-founded…? A.Wordpress is completely devoted to finding deals on which Web site?… Read More »

!T QU!Z 23

1.PlayNow Plus is a “super-fast, high-quality music download service” from…? A.Sony Ericsson 2.Which of Google’s applications was initially named Dory after the inquisitive fish from Finding Nemo? A.Google Moderator 3.With which company would one associate the new enterprise desktop client called ‘Project Genesis’? A.Adobe 4.What is Sun Microsystems’ four-lettered Nasdaq code? A.JAVA 5.Writer-producer Aaron Sorkin,… Read More »

!T QU!Z 22

1.What is Apple’s device that will stream movies from a computer to a TV codenamed? A.iTV 2.Which highly successful portal takes its name from a Song Dynasty poem written several centuries ago? 3.What is Microsoft’s rival application to Google Earth called? A.MSN Virtual Earth. 4.What is A‍.It’s the philanthropic arm of Google. 5.Which… Read More »

!T QU!Z 21

1.What is Apple-Motorola’s iTunes-compatible mobile phone called? A.Rokr. 2.What was the flagship launch title for the Xbox when the console was released in 2001? A.Halo 3.Name the Norwegian telecom company where Opera had its genesis in 1995. A.Telenor 4.Which famous portal has been instrumental for the `Nonprofit Innovation Award’, the first winner of which is… Read More »


1.Who built Z1, the world’s first program-controlled computer? A.Konrad Zuse 2.Who was the first mobile operater in india to offer ‘push-to-talk’ telephone facility? A.Tata Indicom 3.Which one-time US Presidential candidate founded EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in Dallas in 1962? A.Ross Perot 4.What did Peter Kramer & Lou Ottens invent at Philps? A.Compact Disk 5.Defined as… Read More »

!T QU!Z 4 U

1.Which company begin as ‘Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory’? A.Canon 2.What is the new service started by Apple Inc for all its iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC to keep everything in sync? A.MobileMe 3.NSN is a telecommunications solutions supplier which was created as the result of a merger of? A.Siemens & Nokia 4.What did Bob… Read More »

!T QU!Z 4 U

1.Who has developed the first silicon Raman laser ? A.Intel 2.Who makes the Tecra range of notebook computers? A.Toshiba 3.If Toshiba makes Satellite laptops, who makes the Aspire range? A.Acer 4.With which chipmaker are the codenames Palermo, San Diego and Toledo associated? A.AMD 5.Which storage company’s Nasdaq code is SNDK? A.Sandisk corp. 6.Shantanu Narayen is… Read More »


1.Who is called the `father of hand-held computing’? A.Jeff Hawkins (founder of Palm) 2.What was SHARE formed in 1955 about? A.It was an IBM users group. 3.Who sold off social network Bebo, chat cilent ICQ and an investment in travel search site Kayak in the past quarter? A.AOL 4.Name the Japanese imaging major who is… Read More »


1.This is a Search Engine designed in respect of the culture of muslims.Identify? A.I’ 2.Expand IMPS A.Interbank Mobile Payment System 3.Expand IANA A.Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 4.This company was founded in 1987 by John Tu and David Sun A.Kingston 5.How do we better know Hindustan Computers Ltd? A.HCL 6.’Game Room’ is from whom? A.Microsoft 7.jen-husan… Read More »


1.Google’s online payment processing system is called… ? A.Google Checkout 2.If it’s Flickr for Yahoo, what is it for HP? A.Snapfish 3.If it’s Flickr for Yahoo, what is it for HP? A.GoToMeeting 4.Whose `Live’ is to rival Intel’s Viiv technology? A.AMD 5.`Mine of Information'(MOI) and `The Information Mine’ (TIM) were the names considered for… ?… Read More »


1.Paul A. Flaherty was a computer engineer who had the original idea for which pioneering search engine? A.Alta vista 2.Which company launched the world’s first HD DVD player? A.Toshiba 3.Who is the publisher of the popular virtual world Second Life? A.Linden Lab 4.Wilber the coyote is the official mascot of whom? A.GIMP,the free bitmap graphics… Read More »