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!T QU!Z 37

1.We turn on ideas A.Seagate 2.Name d machine which gave d idea of punch cards to babage… A.Jaquard Loom 3.To which company did IBM sell its PC manufacturing unit? A.Lenovo 4.Hp’s firat product? A.Audio resistence oscillators 5.Invention of which machine brought revolution in it world? No google… A.Printing Press 6.Expand TWAIN widout an interesting… Read More »

!T QU!Z 36

1.’Start a following’ is the tagline of ? A.Zen 2.ENQUIRE was a prototype system made by which tech personality? A.Tim Berners Lee 3.Name the recently unveiled music file format, developed by some of the key figures.Behind the MP3 and intended to be a competitor to Apple’s iTunes LP. A.Music dna 4.Which Nobel Laureate started tweeting… Read More »

!T QU!Z 35

1.Of which famous computer company was Michael M. Scott the first president in 1977? A.Apple 2.Name the statistician credited with coining two of the most often used words: ‘bit’ and ‘software’. A.john Tuckey 3.Who originally designed the TrueType digital font format? A.Apple 4.Which was the first language to allow recursion i.e. routines call themselves? A.ALGOL… Read More »

!T QU!Z 34

1.Which famous California-based company has the NYSE ticker STX? A.Seagate 2.Sanjay Mehrotra is a co-founder (and present COO) of which American multinational corporation? A.Sandisk 3.Expand POSIX A.Portable Operating System Interface for uniX. 4.`StrawBerry’ was a name considered for which device because of its seed-like buttons before it adopted the present name? A.Blackberry 5.Which OS was… Read More »

!T QU!Z 32

1.What is Sun Microsystems’s Linux desktop software based on X86 chip called? A.Mad Hatter 2.What is the successor to Intel’s Prescott desktop chip called? A.Tejas. 3.Expand DWF as used in the Autodesk product. A.Design Web Format. 4.Which company, in 2003, became the first to manufacture and ship 500 million mice? A.Logitech 5.Who makes the banking… Read More »

!T QU!Z 31

1.The next generation of bar-code system has EPC as its numbering scheme. Expand EPC. A.Electronic Product Code 2.Name W3C’s popular Web editor/browser. A.Amaya 3.Who developed the Chipkill technology? A.IBM 4.Who has acquired A.Nokia 5.Who makes the StrataFlash Wireless Memory chips for mobile phones? A.Intel 6.Who offers the Mail Plus service? A.Yahoo! 7.Whose search technology… Read More »

!T QU!Z 30

1.Which famous hit PC game was created by Will Wright? A.Sims. 2.Whose new email service is called `Managed Mail Protection’? A.McAfee 3.Which telecom major is headquartered at Schaumberg, Illinois? A.Motorola 4.Which cyber-legend founded the wireless technology company, Wheels of Zeus? A.Steve Wozniak 5.Who makes the Olympus range of processors? A.Fujistu 6.Who has registered the domain… Read More »