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Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017

 IT Quiz Questions and Answers 2017 1.  * The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information.The leak reveals that high profile politicians across the globe, including 12 national leaders are buying overseas assets for illegal purposes, including fraud, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions. * Pakistani prime minister Nawaz

TCS IT Wiz preparation questions 2017

1.X was launched in 1999 by business partners Rajil Kapoor, Bala Parthasarathy, Suneet Wadhwa, and Shripati Acharya.In 2005, X was bought by HP and its co-founder Raj Kapoor confirmed in a 2011 interview that the acquisition price was $300 Million.In April 2015, HP reached an agreement to sell Snapfish back to District Photo. Under the

Who Developed this? IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017

An IT Quiz on Who developed this Technology/termed this Technology 2017. This will be beneficial for everyone who prepares for TCS IT Wiz 2017 and Kerala state IT Quiz 2017 1.Who developed the technology AJAX? Ans:Jesse James Garrett 2.Who developed the technology Artificial Reality? Ans:Myron Krueger 3.Who developed the technology Avatar? Ans:Richard Garriot 4.Who developed

Email Marketing Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Here are 15 questions to test your knowledge of Emails and history of emails, you can contribute more questions to this Email Marketing Quiz Questions and answers 2017, you’re always welcome to inbox [email protected] with your set of questions. Good set of questions will always be rewarded. That’s all questions for Email Marketing Quiz. this

Latest Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Latest Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017 1.Identify this logo Ans:Cygwin 2.What is the codename of Ubuntu 17.04? Ans: Zesty Zapus 3.Identify this logo Ans: Hadoop 4.Brian Behlendorf, Ken Coar… are the founders of? Ans:Apache Software Foundation 5.Luis von Ahn is better known for developing what? Ans: Captcha 6.Identify Ans: Brian Acton 7.Expand XAML? Ans:

TCS IT Wiz 2017 Preparation Questions

1. Recently Google has acquired which company which is  a very young (its first public appearance was on May 22 of this year) startup based out of Bengaluru, India, that was focused on building deep learning and machine learning systems to address what it describes as “old problems.” Ans:Halli Labs 2.X was established in December

IT Quiz Questions for TCS IT Wiz 2017

IT Quiz Questions for TCS IT Wiz 2017 1.It was initially known as ‘SEQUEL‘, and was developed to manipulate and retrieve data stored in IBM’s original quasi-relational DBMS.The acronym SEQUEL was later changed to_______ because “SEQUEL” was a trademark of  UK based Hawker aircraft related company Ans: SQL (Structured Query Language), SEQUEL – Structured English Query Language 2.Headquarters

Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017 InfoSec Quiz

Information Security Quiz Questions and answers 2017 1.How does a Le-Hard virus come into existence? And:Command.Com 2.What is ransomware based on? Ans:Fear of losing importance files 3.A malicious code that combines charecteristics of both those types of malwares,typically the virus ability to alter program code with the worm’s ability to reisde in live memory and