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Email Marketing Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Here are 15 questions to test your knowledge of Emails and history of emails, you can contribute more questions to this Email Marketing Quiz Questions and answers 2017, you’re always welcome to inbox [email protected] with your set of questions. Good set of questions will always be rewarded. That’s all questions for Email Marketing Quiz. this

100+ Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers – IT Quiz 2017

IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers by Somnath Chanda Round 1 IT Quiz 2017  – Google Doodles This doodle celebrated the works of which eccentric computer scientist , mathematician, logicianlogician, cryptanalyst and  and theoretical biologist theoretical?? Ans: Alan Turing   2.Which IT pioneer’s birth anniversary had been celebrated by this doodle? Ans: Ada Lovelace   3.A proud occasion for every