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This is an interactive Information Technology books quiz, The most famous books by eminent personalities from the world of IT. Explore the IT Books Quiz 2017 and discover more

Answer all the questions to see the result..

1.Who wrote the book " The Road Ahead" ?

2.The first cyber punk novel, the 'Shockwave Rider' was written by?

3.Who wrote the book 'Digital Literacy'?

4.Who is the author of 'XML by example' ?

5.Who co-authored the book 'Internet Bubble'?


6.Which famous entreprenuer's autobiography is 'iWoz'?

7.The book 'Literacy Machines' was written by?

8.'Neuromancer', a famous cyberpunk novel was authored by?

9.'Business @ the speed of thought' is written by?

10.'A mathematical theory of Communication', the paper which said that any thing and everything could be represented using '0' &'1' 's only was written by?


11.'Made in Japan' is an autobiography of?

12.Who is the author of 'How the web has won'?

13.'Dreaming big my journey to connect India' is a book written by?

14. Who is the author of the book 'Rebooting India: Realizing a Billin Aspirations?

2 authors in options

15.The FUTURE of the INTERNET is a book written by?


16.Everyone has heard of the catchphrase Intel inside. But whoauthored a book entitled InsideIntel?

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