IT Quiz Questions for College IT Quiz 2017

This page has a set of 40 IT Quiz questions for any college level IT Quiz.If you are preparing for any college level IT Quizzes, you can explore other posts in this blog.  College IT Quiz   

1.Which was the First Online Encyclopedia ?

2.Which is the first simple WYSIWYG Browser ?

3.Who Proposed the idea of Gateway?

4.Which among the following was the first word passed through internet?

5.Which is the first graphical web browser?

6.Which is the First Ethernet Network?

7.The idea of first commercial ISP came into...

8.Indias first in -train internet access is available in ..........

9.Who Sent the First Spam Mail?

10.The first commercial provider of dial up internet access is.........

11.Which was the first online transaction processing system?

12.The first web server to go online is ...

13.Which of these was india's first Private Internet Gateway?

14.Which was the First Web Browser written by Sir Tim Berners Lee..?

15.The first Internet service provider (public Sector) in India is...

16.The First Instant Messaging Service is...

16.World First ever SMS, "Merry Christmas" was sent by...

17.Which is the world's first crawled based search engine?

18.Which of these is the Web Browser developed in India..

19.Who is the Father of Internet

20.Which was the first search engine for the gopher files?

21.The first ever webby award is awarded to the website...........

22.Which Country First time introduced "SMS with Feelings"?

23.Who made the first ever cellphone call 📞 in India?

24.The first Web browser for macintosh platform was..

25.The first company whose domain is registered in Internet

26."www" stands for

27.On which of the following sites can you set up an email account?

28.Expand URL?

29.Which of the following is NOT an Internet Browser that you could use to go to a Web site?

30.The first Private ISP started in Dec 1998 to offer internet connections in india was...

31.The first ever Commercial ISP was........

32.The first web based e-mail sevice?

33.Director of W3C ?

34.DHCP is the Abbreviation of

35.What Is the Address type of IPv6?

36.In Which Type of RAID ,data is mirrored between two disks

37.Which of the following is/are Protocols of Application?

38.What is the Size of a mac address?

39.Layer 2 Switch is also called?

40.DHCP Server the client

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