Latest IT Quiz questions 2017, submitted by Sachin Sajeev

Latest IT Quiz questions 2017, submitted by Sachin Sajeev

1.Expand PAN

Ans: Personal Area Network

2.Name the keralites who starred in Vodafone’s elderly couples 4G advertisement?

Ans:VP Dhananjayan and his wife shanta

3. Father of USB

Ans: Ajay Bhatt

4.INFY is the NYSE ticker of which computer major in India ?

Ans: Infosys

5.Vinodh Dham is known as father of_______________!!

Ans: Pentium Chips

6.I’m talking about a father ( x) and daughter ( y). X is famous in the field of literature and y is known as first computer programmer! Identify

Ans: x- Lord Byron

Y- Ada lovelace

Latest IT Quiz questions 2017

7.Expand RFID ?

And: Radio Frequency Identification

8.Who wrote the book ‘Computer liberation and dream machine ‘the first book on personal computers?

Ans: Ted Nelson

9.Name the bank which issued Kochi 1 cards ?

Ans: Axis Bank

10.Developers of ‘Bahubali’ mobile game ?

Ans: Moonfrog lab

11.Expand Volte?

Ans:Voice Over Long Term Evolution

12.Identify this logo

Ans: Swiggy

13.Identify this recently signed off CEO

Ans: Travis Kalanick

14.Who acquired Burrp recently?

Ans: Bookmyshow

15.What is the name of the security attack shown in the photo

Ans: Man in the Middle Attack


Thank you Sachin Sajeev for this set of questions, if you ever wish to publish your questions on, you’re most welcome to [email protected]

Latest IT Quiz questions 2017it qui

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