Pathanamthitta District IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers 2017

Pathanamthitta District IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers 2017

Download the questions and answers of Pathanamthitta District IT Quiz 2017 . Questions shared by: Roshan

1.Identify the logo

Ans: Scratch

2.Identify this logo


3. Identify the logo

Ans: Copyleft

4.Identify the mascot of GIMP

Ans: Wilber

5. Identify


Identify the Personalities

6. Identify him

Ans: Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google

7. Who authored this book?


8. Who is this?


9. Identify

Ans: Guido Von Rossum

10. Who’s this personality?

Ans: Ravi Shankar Prasad

11. Which was the first IT park from co-operative field in India?

Ans: UL Cyberpark Calicut

12. Which is the software developed as a part of Digital India for the Defence department of India?

Ans:ARPAN 3.0

13._________ is a technological research and development centre of Kerala Police Department conceived as a cyber centre of excellence in cyber security

Ans: Cyberdome

14.Which  is a portal for education by Government of Kerala?


15. What is the name of Cyber security conference organised by Kerala Police?

Ans: cOcOn

16.Name the Android version of Fennac?

Ans: Mozilla Firefox

17. Which was the currency mode accepted as a ransom on the wannacry attacks?

Ans: Bitcoin

18. Identify the occasion for this Google Doodle?

Ans: 19TH Birth DAY OF GOOGLE (SEPT 27)


Print ”8”+”9”

Write the output

ANS: 89


20.Twitter has recently revised the size of a tweet from ____ to _____?

Ans:140 to 280

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