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Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017 1. “an effort to create and distribute a multilingual free _________of the highest quality to every single person on the planet in his or her own ________.” What is described above ? Who said that ? Ans: said by Jimmy wales about wikipedia 2. Discovery of the phenomenon named… Read More »

TCS IT Wiz Bengaluru Prelims – 2016

Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Bengaluru Prelims 2016. It’s not complete set. 1.X was founded by David Back and Greg Moran in February 2013 in Bangalore, India. X is a car  rental service Ans.  Zoomcar 2. X is a self-contained, open hardware Linux-based handheld computer, first released in 2002. Developed in, and primarily distributed… Read More »

Information Technology Quiz Questions – WhatsApp IT Quiz on 10/11/2016

1) This App is originally developed by Atul Singh. It garnered success, reaching 5 million users within four months. The service was later acquired in April, 2013 by a joint venture organization between Bharti Airtel and SoftBank Japan, who invested $7 million in the development of the application. It is available on various platforms like iOS,… Read More »

Vythiri Sub-district IT quiz questions

Vythiri Sub-district IT quiz questions shared by Rahul.  Thanks a ton for sharing these questions. This is very nice set of questions, and questions are welcomed from all visitors, just drop me on mail at iquiz@itquiz.in X is a bitmapped image first introduced by Apple. It is the shape of a dog, originally created in 1983 as part of the Cairo font by Susan Kare as the glyph for “z.”. What… Read More »

IT Quiz Questions for Kerala IT Quiz

Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers for student preparing for Kerala IT Quiz TCS IT Wiz or any kind of IT Quiz Competitions. Q1. Lynda.com is owned by which company? Ans. LinkedIn Q2. Id this Logo     Ans : OK.ru OK.ru (Russian: Одноклассники; English: Classmates) is a social network service for classmates and old friends.… Read More »

Latest IT Quiz questions and answers

Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers for any IT Quiz 1. Solid Edge is a CAD Designing software developed by? Ans: SIEMENS2. ID this logo Ans: Xilinx ( is an American technology company, primarily a supplier of programmable logic devices. It is known for inventing the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and as the first semiconductor company with a fabless manufacturing model )3. Which company owns the… Read More »

Latest Information technology Quiz Questions

Information Technology Quiz 2016 1. Whitetail  is the codename for? Ans:iOS 10.0 2.Put Funda? Ans: NFC- enabled bracelet for conactless payment in Rio Olympics 2016 3. This is  Scan’O’Vision Myria camera,whats special on this? This was used in Rio Olympics 2016 As golf returns to the Olympics after more than a century, Swiss watchmaker Omega has set up… Read More »

IT Quiz questions of Technovanza 2016 conducted on PCOA Kannur by Shyju sir

IT Quiz questions ,Click here to download the questions of IT Quiz conducted in PCOA by Shyju Sir Questions and answers that conducted on all cities in India are available in this blog, so do check it out Questions published in this blog are getting thousands of eyes each day, so if you ever wish to… Read More »