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Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 for College level IT Quizzes

Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 Check all the Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017    1.What is the URL of world’s first webpage.? Hint : info.cern.ch Answer : http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html   2. In which year was the @ chosen for its use in email address? Answer : 1972 3. Bill Gates wrote his first… Read More »

100+ Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers – IT Quiz 2017

IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers by Somnath Chanda Round 1 IT Quiz 2017  – Google Doodles This doodle celebrated the works of which eccentric computer scientist , mathematician, logicianlogician, cryptanalyst and  and theoretical biologist theoretical?? Ans: Alan Turing   2.Which IT pioneer’s birth anniversary had been celebrated by this doodle? Ans: Ada Lovelace   3.A proud occasion for every… Read More »

Malappuram IT Quiz Questions and answers HSS 2016

This is the set of Malappuram IT Quiz for HSS Section, Thanks and Congrats Jeena John 1)X was an American Computer scientist and cognitive scientist.X was one of the founders of the discipline of artificial intelligence. He coined the term “artificiall intelligence” (AI), developed the Lisp. programming language family, significantly influenced the design of the ALGOL programming language, popularized timesharing, and was very… Read More »

Important IT Quiz Questions 2017

Some Important IT Quiz Questions which you shouldn’t forget for an  IT Quiz. 1. “Gramophone Company of India” ? Ans: Saregama 2..Expand MAC as in MAC address. Ans:Media Access Control 3. What was aquired by Confinity in 2000 ? Ans: Paypal (later aquired by ebay) 4.News.com is owned by? Ans: CNET 5. x is a… Read More »

Thrissur District IT Quiz Questions and Answers Sasthramela 2016

 Thrissur district IT Quiz HS Questions and answers shared by Aqeel 1. First drone made for Facebook?  Ans: Aquila 2. Google:Google Home::Amazon:?  Ans: Amazon Echo 3. Full form of ‘tm’ in Paytm? Ans: *T*hrough *M*obile 4.Which is the project name of Google that makes availability of Internet with the help of balloons?  Ans: project loon 5..… Read More »

Best IT Quiz books buy online

Searching to buy some IT Quiz books ?  Well I have few suggestions for you to choose the best IT Quiz books . I can’t guarantee that you can become a pro IT Quizzer if you mug up those questions in these books, what you should do is research more about those answers from wikipedia,twitter… Read More »

IT Quiz questions and answers from WhatsApp sunday quiz by Abhishek on our quiz group

We conducts IT Quizzes on all Sunday evenings and give a prize of 200₹ amazon voucher sponsored by cashkaro.com IT Quiz questions and answers conducted by Abhishek on 13-02-2016 1.  .”Life is short have an affair” Slogan of a social networking site owns by Avid Life Media.Site has been hacked by hackers which is leading… Read More »