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This is an interactive Information Technology books quiz, The most famous books by eminent personalities from the world of IT. Explore the IT Books Quiz 2017 and discover more Answer all the questions to see the result.. Information Technology Books Quiz online

[PDF] IT Quiz Competition Questions and answers 2017

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More than 3000 IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017

IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 This blog contains more than 3000 IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 , so check out all IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 after reading this post. 1.The X Internet time is a system of time in which instead of hours and minutes, the 24 hours day is divided… Read More »

Attingal Sub district IT Quiz HS & HSS Questions and answers 2016

Attingal Sub district IT Quiz HSS 2016 Expand LiFi- Light Fidelity 2.The e-Commerce website which crossed 100 million customers in India- Flipkart 3.Humanoid developed by Japan lately- Pepper Robot 4.In computer, the numbers are stored as_____ Binary 5.Speed of Internet is measured as – Kbps/Mbps 6.IP website converting service- DNS 7.WiFi was made in- 1999… Read More »

IT Quiz Questions and answers by Nandu lal from Wayanad

IT Quiz Questions and answers follows All Categories 1. What is Cyberduck? 2.App named prisma had been gained much more popularity all over the world to convert photographs into different artistic styles with its machine learning technology. Name the other popular app that is similar to prisma ,that is used to convert”videos” into these types… Read More »

Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers

IT Quiz Prepared by Rahul Iyer for our WhatsApp quiz. The Original X was the world’s first multi-user online chat system. It was created by Doug brown and David R Woolley in 1973 on the PLATO system at the University of Illinois. What is X? Ans: Talkomatic Identify Ans: Chuck Thacker I am a term… Read More »

Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers 2016

Latest IT Quiz Questions 1. This ecommerce site is known as the Sarojini Market of e-commerce.Found by Sanjay Sethi in July 2011.and grown faster by sellingproducts which are so cheap in quality and in price as you can find inSarojini Market Delhi. You can find all shit in this site yeah evenCow Dung, Gomutra.. Their GMV… Read More »

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We conducts IT Quizzes on all Sunday evenings and give a prize of 200₹ amazon voucher sponsored by cashkaro.com IT Quiz questions and answers conducted by Abhishek on 13-02-2016 1.  .”Life is short have an affair” Slogan of a social networking site owns by Avid Life Media.Site has been hacked by hackers which is leading… Read More »

Ernakulam Revenue district IT Quiz questions 2015

Quiz Master Varun G Nair,thanks for sharing quizmasters copy Click here to download the questions Also see, Thrissur district IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016 Open Source IT Quiz made by Vishnu MC IT Quiz on Future Technologies by Shyju Sir Latest IT Questions made by Nandu Lal

IT @School IT Quiz questions

Click here to download IT @School Quiz Questions Thanks Russel Raveendran for sharing IT @School Quiz Questions Also see, IT Quiz Questions for Kerala IT Quiz Important Startups and their founders Technikwiz 2016 IT Quiz Questions and answers held at IIIT-Allahabad Malappuramdistrict Sasthramela IT Quiz questions 2016