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Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers 2017

IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 1.Identify Ans: Sanjay K Jha   2.”Breath IT, Live Easy” is the tagline of Ans: Keralait.org   3.Expand APBS. Ans: Aadhar Payment Bridge System   4.Who designed the logo of Digital India? Ans: Rana Bhowmick   5. Which Digital India initiative has the tagline “Transforming Pixels into Data”? Ans:… Read More »

IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 Prepared by Kiran G Krishnan

IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 prepared by Kiran G Krishnan 1. Expand NaMPET Ans.National Mission of Power Electronics Technology 2. Identify him Ans. Umang Bedi 3.An exhilarating backwater houseboat cruise in scenic palm-fringed Kerala can now be experienced remotely at airports in india, courtesy virtual reality.Kerala Tourism is rolling out this experience zone at… Read More »

Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Tech Quiz Set 2 Questions and answers 2017 45.AC-3 , EAC3 , Stereo AC and AAC+ are developed by which company ? Ans: Dolby Digital 46.Steve Wilhite developed which format? Ans: GIF 47.Who invented Infrared Rays? Ans: William Herschel 48.’Decoded’ is a book written by? Ans:Jay Z 49.X is an interbank network that covers all… Read More »

Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers created by Nandu Lal from Wayanad Subject : Windows evolution 1.There was a situation which ,only experts/professionals/techies can operate computers that contains CUI ( character user interface) , CUI based Computer OS ‘s like DOS were controlled through keyboards. Microsoft released Windows 1.0 on 1985 with GUI (Graphical user… Read More »

Thrissur District IT Quiz Questions and Answers Sasthramela 2016

 Thrissur district IT Quiz HS Questions and answers shared by Aqeel 1. First drone made for Facebook?  Ans: Aquila 2. Google:Google Home::Amazon:?  Ans: Amazon Echo 3. Full form of ‘tm’ in Paytm? Ans: *T*hrough *M*obile 4.Which is the project name of Google that makes availability of Internet with the help of balloons?  Ans: project loon 5..… Read More »

Download TCS IT Wiz ebooks as pdf from 2009-2016

Searching for some pdf kind of things to prepare for IT Quiz ? Here in this post we will see the TCS IT Wiz ebooks and you can download it from my google drive. TCS IT Wiz is India’s largest IT Quiz Competition held on all over India’s main cities and have regional as well… Read More »

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions done on WhatsApp IT Quiz group 1. X is a free open source blogging platformbased on PHP and MySql. It’s Founders are Matt Mullenweg and and Mike Little. Pepper is the codename of the version X 4.6, released back in August. X? Ans: WordPress 2.Share-alike and Attribution are 2 copyright licensing… Read More »

Open Source IT Quiz Questions and answers

Open Source IT Quiz Conducted by Vishnu MC Q1.Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the _Git_ version control system.Which company is behind this Open Source Project ? Ans:Google Q2. X is an operating system that is designed for modern personal computing devices, every tweak enabling us to… Read More »

Latest IT Quiz Questions and answers

IT Quiz Prepared by Rahul Iyer for our WhatsApp quiz. The Original X was the world’s first multi-user online chat system. It was created by Doug brown and David R Woolley in 1973 on the PLATO system at the University of Illinois. What is X? Ans: Talkomatic Identify Ans: Chuck Thacker I am a term… Read More »

Latest Information technology Quiz Questions

Information Technology Quiz 2016 1. Whitetail  is the codename for? Ans:iOS 10.0 2.Put Funda? Ans: NFC- enabled bracelet for conactless payment in Rio Olympics 2016 3. This is  Scan’O’Vision Myria camera,whats special on this? This was used in Rio Olympics 2016 As golf returns to the Olympics after more than a century, Swiss watchmaker Omega has set up… Read More »

TCS IT Wiz Bhubaneswar Prelims 2016

Hi friends , here we are presenting the TCS IT Wiz Bhubaneswar 2016 prelims . We have our sincere thanks and wishes to Sampriti Panda, winner of TCS IT Wiz Bhubaneswar 2016 edition. 1.Which is the second city that is going to get free-wifi in it’s railway station after Mumbai? Ans:Bhubaneswar 2.Which app was founded by Sean… Read More »