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Advanced I.T Quiz Questions With Answers and Useful External Links,By Nandulal Krishna

Advanced I.T Quiz Questions With Answers and Useful External Links,By Nandulal Krishna , Wayanad , Kerala Advanced Information Technology quiz question & answers with External links of Useful for students who are preparing for I.T Fairs, By Nandulal Krishna, (Follow Hyperlinked Words for External links)(Follow Hyperlinked Words for External links) 1.what is Special with the

100+ Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers – IT Quiz 2017

IT Quiz 2017 Questions and answers by Somnath Chanda Round 1 IT Quiz 2017  – Google Doodles This doodle celebrated the works of which eccentric computer scientist , mathematician, logicianlogician, cryptanalyst and  and theoretical biologist theoretical?? Ans: Alan Turing   2.Which IT pioneer’s birth anniversary had been celebrated by this doodle? Ans: Ada Lovelace   3.A proud occasion for every

IT @School IT Quiz questions

Click here to download IT @School Quiz Questions Thanks Russel Raveendran for sharing IT @School Quiz Questions Also see, IT Quiz Questions for Kerala IT Quiz Important Startups and their founders Technikwiz 2016 IT Quiz Questions and answers held at IIIT-Allahabad Malappuramdistrict Sasthramela IT Quiz questions 2016 Amal Augustine

Palakkad district IT Quiz questions 2015

Palakkad district IT Quiz questions 2015 1.Id this logo Logo of picasa2.Online directory of srikandeswaram Oatmanbhaillai ? ശബ്‌ദതാരാവലി  3.Video of 3D printing technology. 4.A,B,C,D which of them are programming languages? B,C,D 5.First full computer literacy village? Thayyur Village Thrissur 6.Project by wikipedia to make mobile internet available to people in developing countries? wikipedia zero 7.Non

Quiz Masters Pack contains about 100 pdf and ppt’s of tech quizzes and state level quizzes all in a file

IT Quiz Masters Pack (700 mb)  Download link will be updated upon request,please mail me or comment me if you think it would benefit you.  Contains 700 MB About 100 PDF and PPT of tech quizzes held in different sub districts, schools,colleges,and many quiz books with about 200 pages,and acronyms,expansions,Important IT Quiz questions. Just mail

IT Quiz 1

IT Quiz 1 1.Identify this person Ans:Robert Cailliau 2.Plankalkül  is a programming language designed for engineering purposes by X between 1943 and 1945. It was the first high-level non-von Neumann programming language to be designed for a computer. Name X Ans:Konrad Zuse 3.Flutter is a gesture recognition technology startup based in San Francisco, California, United

Tech Quiz

Tech Quiz Questions -#1 1.Who wrote the book ” Being Digital” ? Nicholas Negpronte2.The power to do more’ . Is the tagline of ?Dell3.Crespo is the codename of which android device?Nexus from Google4.Which company was started as ‘Mascot System Ltd’ ?igate5.’Keep Moving’ is the tagline of ?BB 106.Who is knows as the Web Master of Google