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TCS IT Wiz 2013 Kochi Finals

DATA CLOUDS 1.Identify this person and device Ans:Konrad Zuse & Z1 2.Which famous Indian is behind this technology Ans:Pranav Mistry 3.A question on Larry Bird .. sm more info (I guess i don’t wanna provide more info. U guys already know the answer) 4.Who came up with Noise Canceling ( an image was shown) Ans:Bose… Read More »

TCS IT Wiz 2012 Kochi Prelims

Hi friends, Here we are presenting the TCS IT WIZ 2012 Kochi Prelim Questions. We have our sincere prayers and wishes for Ramya Praneetha who provided us the questions. if (window.ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f ){ ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f+= 1;}else{ ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f =1;} ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f_64045=ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f; timer_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f64045=window.setInterval(function(){ if(window.gc4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b){ setTimeout(“showAdsforContent(64045,250,250,’http://www.admaya.in/publisher-show-ads.php’,”+ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f_64045+”,’ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f’)”,1000*(ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f_64045 -1)); window.clearInterval(timer_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f64045);}},100); ads_65c7a5a1e4aba21d971ef5c47d68a87f_64045_position=0; 1.Which product was created at Stanford Research Institute and later integrated to… Read More »

TCS IT WIZ Kochi Finals

                        Experience Anticipation 1. It was Originally developed by a guy named wes cherry .It remained a part of their offerings .What simple thing did gave the world of computing? Ans.Solitaire 2.It’s a region of memory which is called a whole data location while data is being moved from one location to another location. What… Read More »