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[Download] TCS IT Wiz Hyderabad 2017 IT Quiz Prelims and Finals Questions and answers

TCS IT WIZ HYDERABAD 2017 IT QUIZ QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Questions and answers of TCS IT Wiz Hyderabad 2017 IT Quiz Prelims Thanks to Shantanu Dash for shaing questions with us *Actual questions may be different from the questions on this blog. This is a tweaked version of the actual questions. If you can edit/contribute more you’re most welcome.

Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017

 IT Quiz Questions and Answers 2017 1.  * The Panama Papers are 11.5 million leaked documents that detail financial and attorney–client information.The leak reveals that high profile politicians across the globe, including 12 national leaders are buying overseas assets for illegal purposes, including fraud, tax evasion, and evading international sanctions. * Pakistani prime minister Nawaz

Latest Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017

Latest Tech Quiz Questions and answers 2017 1.Identify this logo Ans:Cygwin 2.What is the codename of Ubuntu 17.04? Ans: Zesty Zapus 3.Identify this logo Ans: Hadoop 4.Brian Behlendorf, Ken Coar… are the founders of? Ans:Apache Software Foundation 5.Luis von Ahn is better known for developing what? Ans: Captcha 6.Identify Ans: Brian Acton 7.Expand XAML? Ans:

Advanced I.T Quiz Questions With Answers and Useful External Links,By Nandulal Krishna

Advanced I.T Quiz Questions With Answers and Useful External Links,By Nandulal Krishna , Wayanad , Kerala Advanced Information Technology quiz question & answers with External links of Useful for students who are preparing for I.T Fairs, By Nandulal Krishna, (Follow Hyperlinked Words for External links)(Follow Hyperlinked Words for External links) 1.what is Special with the

New Set of I.T Quiz for Kerala State I.T Fair, Questions and Answers Prepared by Nandulal Krishna

New Revised Information Technology Quiz Questions And Answers For Students Who Prepares For Kerala State I.T Quiz Competition , New Set of Questions , Made By Nandulal Krishna , Wayanad , Kerala , India ([email protected] (New Set of Updated Questions And Answers)(New Set of Updated Questions And Answers) 1.To discourage the creation of predictable passwords,

Latest Tech Quiz Questions and answers for College students

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IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 Prepared by Kiran G Krishnan

IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 prepared by Kiran G Krishnan 1. Expand NaMPET Ans.National Mission of Power Electronics Technology 2. Identify him Ans. Umang Bedi 3.An exhilarating backwater houseboat cruise in scenic palm-fringed Kerala can now be experienced remotely at airports in india, courtesy virtual reality.Kerala Tourism is rolling out this experience zone at