100+ Latest Technical Quiz Questions and answers 2017


Technical Quiz Questions and answers for any technical quiz 2017

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1.X is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. X was introduced in September 2002. As of February 2014, over 10 million units have been sold worldwide. X features a set of basic sensors that enable it to perform its tasks.

Ans: Roomba


2. This startup was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov, whose idea made him one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 business leaders of 2016. It is also backed by Jay Z. Identify this startup which is widely regarded as Uber for private jets.

Ans: Jetsmarter

  3.Silajit Majumder is an Indian Bengali male singer, songwriter, and actor from Kolkata. In an interview with MTV India, Silajit said, “I have already sold ______ approvals, and they all come with a 2-month expiry date. In an era of autographs, I used to charge Rs. 10 an autograph. Then things changed and now the trend is to take selfies with stars. I’m making the best of this as well. If I get 20 queries for gigs and five phone calls for movie scripts a day, I have at least 10 people a day asking for my ___________. It’s a good business deal.” What did he do? Why is he in a tech quiz?

Ans: He charged 500 rs. To accept friend requests on Facebook.  

4“Specatcles” are smart glasses that capture 10-second video. The glasses will allow the video to sync wirelessly to a user’s phone for sharing purposes. Which photo sharing platform launched spectacles?

Ans: Snapchat

5.X is an online payments startup co-founded by Irish entrepreneurs John and Patrick Collison in 2010. X began as a startup called /dev/payments. To avoid misspellings and confusions the startup was renamed as X. When X raised $150 million at a valuation of $9.2 billion, John Collison became world’s youngest self-made billionaire. What is X?

Ans: Stripe  

6. This game was developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It was released first for iOS on December 15, 2016, and will be released for Android in 2017. It became the fastest game ever to get 40 million downloads on the Apple app store, reaching the milestone within four days of launch. Which game?

Ans: Super Mario Run  

7. In August 2007, seventeen-year-old X became the first person to unlock an iPhone. He developed the limera1n jailbreak tool and bootrom exploit for iOS. X also founded the AI startup Comma.ai. Who is X?

Ans: George Hotz Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017  

8. Disney partnered with this technology firm to host a light show with 300 drones in Florida. The Shooting Star drones, created by this company, are controlled by a single operator and can create over four billion color combinations in the sky. Identify this company.

Ans: Intel

9. What are these? questions for tehnical quiz Ans: Solar roof made of glass tiles by Tesla  

10. Demis Hassabis was a child prodigy in chess and captained many of the England junior chess teams. In 2010, he co-founded a machine learning startup(now owned by Google) which achieved a major first in March 2016. What did it achieve

Ans: His startup Deepmind beat the world Go champion Lee Sedol 4-1 in a 5 match series.


Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions and answers 2017

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