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TCS IT Wiz 2011 Nationals

Here are some questions from TCS IT Wiz 2011 Nationals 1. Ans:Amazon silk(a web browser for Kindle Fire) 2.  Ans:Sabeer Bhatia(He is a member of Trinamool Congress,he co-founded SabseBolo,Jaxtr was acquired by Sabsebolo) 3.Find out the missing words? Announcing a new era of _____ ______ Ans:Integrated Electronics 4. Who along with Dennis Crowley……..[Buzzer] ans:Naveen Selvadurai… Read More »


1.Which company’s vision statement is to “Empower Indians to create and share information and in the process, discover people”? A:Meebo 2.Name Microsoft’s animated search engine to showcase its Silverlight animation and video player. A:Tafiti 3.Which cyber-major has bought e-mail software provider Zimbra for about $350 million? A:Yahoo! 4.What is SAP’s unveiled mid-market on-demand service called?… Read More »


                                                 IDENTIFY THE PERSON Vannevar Bush Vannevar Bush  was an American engineer and science administrator known for his work on analog computing, his political role in the development of the atomic bomb as a primary organizer of the Manhattan Project, the founding of Raytheon, and the… Read More »


                                            IDENTIFY THE PERSON                                                   answer added on 7/12/2011 Andrew Herbert Andrew James Herbert  is a British computer scientist, formerly Chairman of Microsoft Research, for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Herbert received a BSc in computational science from the Leeds University in 1975, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge University in… Read More »