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                              ANSWER UPDATED ON 16/5/2012 1.This processer is made up of three parts:Pentium-M microprocesser,a chipset,and a Wi-Fi radio. The name is derived from blending the words “centre” and “neutrino”. Identify the processer? A.Centrino 2.Steve Jobs started which company, when hired seven


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY QUIZ Questions 1. What post does Chris Beard hold in Mozilla Labs? 2. In what way is the contribution of Armas Clifford “Mike” Markkula Jr. important in the history of Apple? 3. Name the Toronto-based company that won a permanent injunction that prohibited Microsoft from selling or importing to the US any Microsoft

Information Technology Quiz

Information Technology Quiz Questions 1. How did Puru Pratap Singh make news on Children’s Day? 2. To whom did Intel pay $1.25 billion recently in a long-running antitrust settlement? 3. How many floating point operations per second to two teraflops? 4. Google made its third most expensive acquisition to date by buying a mobile display


KERALA STATE IT QUIZ Questions 1. What was the Engage! Conference and Expo held recently in New York? 2. Name the Microsoft-acquired company that is one of the three companies that contributed to the European Commission opening an antitrust investigation of Google. 3. Who launched a tool at after the recent Chile earthquake? 4.

IT quiz questions

IT quiz questions 1. Which cyber-giant recently bought Palm, the PDA and smartphone pioneer, and for how much? 2. Who/what was referred to as ‘Appholes’ by newscaster Jon Stewart in his popular Comedy Central show recently? 3. Kevin Lynch is the CTO of…? 4. Expand WHATWG, the community involved in the development of HTML5. 5.

IT QUIZ part-2

Questions 1. ‘You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies’ is the tagline for….? 2. If Honda has ASIMO, then what does Hitachi have? 3. Microsoft’s Project Natal, the motion-based control system for the Xbox 360 video game console, has been rechristened as…? 4. Expand CFML. 5. 3,085 tweets of a


 IT QUIZ QUESTIONS 1. Thanks to 35 CPU-years of idle computer time from which tech giant have a team of researchers shown that when solving a Rubik’s Cube, no position requires more than 20 moves? 2. Frash has been creating a buzz for some time among iPhone and iPad enthusiasts. What is it? 3. What


KERALA STATE IT QUIZ Note: All hints mentioned were given by the quizmaster himself. 1] Name the general purpose very-high level programming languagedesigned by Rossum. [Hint: It is dangerous.] Ans: Python [Pythons are dangerous :D] 2] It was created by James Gosling, and is alternatively known as the OakProject. Ans: Java [Java was formerly called

kerala State IT quiz MODEL

Sample Paper  IT quiz 1) What is the term used to refer to one billon gigabytes? Exabyte 2) Robert Metcalfe’s first experimental network was called the Alto Aloha Network. In 1973, Metcalfe changed the name to what? Ethernet 3) Whose auto-biography is titled ‘Passages from the Life of a Philosopher’? Charles Babbage 4) ‘Big Blue’

IT quiz questions

     it quiz questions prepared by amal augustine 6. Which educational and research institution hosts the ‘Digital Library of India’ in co-operation with CMU, IIIT, NSF, ERNET and MCIT for the Government of India and 21 participating centres? A; 6. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 5. Which project, launched in November 2008, is Google going