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Best IT Quiz books buy online

Searching to buy some IT Quiz books?  Well I have few suggestions for you to choose the best IT Quiz book. I can’t guarantee that you can become a pro IT Quizzer if you mug up those questions in these books, what you should do is research more about those answers from wikipedia,twitter hashtag searches,quora… Read More »

IT Quiz Questions for Kerala IT Quiz

Q1. is owned by which company?Ans. LinkedIn Q2. Id this Logo Ans : (Russian: Одноклассники; English: Classmates) is a social network service for classmates and old friends. It is popular in Russia  Q3. This is a unique partnership between Deity, IIITMK , Startup Village and Kerala Startup Mission, Govt of Kerala for creating a world class facility for electronic startups.… Read More »

IT Quiz questions and answers

1. Solid Edge is a CAD Designing software developed by? Ans: SIEMENS see, IT Quiz Questions for Kerala IT Quiz 2. ID this logo Ans: Xilinx ( is an American technology company, primarily a supplier of programmable logic devices. It is known for inventing the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and as the first semiconductor company with a fabless manufacturing model ) 3. Which company owns the… Read More »

Malappuram district Sasthramela IT Quiz questions 2016

•••••••SASTHRAMELA MALAPPURAM•••••                       ~UP Level~ 1)ID.Victers Logo2) Digital India Programme Was Launched on?July 2 ,20153)Vinton Cerf Is known as?Father of internet4)ID.Qwerty Keyboard5)The smallest addressable element of a digital picture?Pixel6)ID. Jack Dorsey7)Whats the Google’s completion held for kids in terms of designing Doodles for specific days?Doodle4google8)ID.VGA9)ID Telegram app10)The word meaning of Wiki? Ans: Quick 11)ctl+V is the… Read More »

IT Quiz questions and answers

Important Startups and their founders   Startup Name Founder Type of Startup Headquarters Logo                     FAASOS Jaydeep Barman, Kallol Banerjee Online Food Delivery Mumbai             FreshMenu Rashmi Daga Online Food Delivery Bengaluru             LimeRoad Suchi Mukherjee Ecommerce… Read More »