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Answers of Amazon Daily Quiz 26th May 2021

Updated answers to today’s Amazon quiz.

Question 1

Tika Utsav, ‘ a four-day festival launched on the birth anniversary of Jyotiba Phule, is associated with which of the following?

Answer: Vaccination

Question 2

Which of these 2021 tropical cyclones caused widespread damage in Western Australia?

Answer- Cyclone Seroja

Question 3

Known as “Queen of the Nurburgring” Sabine Schmitz, who passed away recently, was a high-profile competitor in which sport?

Answer- Auto racing

Question 4

To help them watch over broad, flat grazing areas, this animal’s pupils come in what shape?

Answer- Rectangular

Question 5

This picture is taken in which country?


Answer- France

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Question 1

The Indian government has launched a gamified app called ‘Little Guru’ that enables the user to learn which language?

Answer- Sanskrit

Question 2

Cloe Zhao became only the second woman, and the first woman of colour, to win the BAFTA for best director for which film?

Answer- NomadLand

Question 3

What day is celebrated on April 10 every year on the birth anniversary of German physician Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann?

Answer- World Homeopathy Day

Question 4

The shape of this famous building in Moscow is similar to the shape of what?

Answer- DNA

Question 5

What is the collective noun used for a group of these birds?

Answer- Rafter

Answers of Amazon daily Quiz Quiz 24th May 2021

Question 1

You can use Alexa to discover fun zone if you have a phone with which of these operating systems?

Answer- Android

Question 2

Indian recently gifted the patrol vessel “PS Zoroaster” to which island nation?

Answer- Seychelles

Question 3

Which of these Bollywood actors has been made the brand ambassador for Punjab’s anti-coronavirus vaccination program?

Answer- Sonu Sood

Question 4

In April 2021, archaeologists discovered ‘The Rise of Aten’, a 3000-year-old lost city near the Valley of the Kings, in which country?

Answer- Egypt

Question 5

What was this popular cube originally called?

Answer- Magic Cube

Question 6 of 6:

This instrument has how many pedals enhance sound at its base?

Answer- Three

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Overview of today’s  Amazon Quiz

Day of QuizMonday
Quiz Date26-05-2021
Quiz LinkClick here
App NameAmazon
₹10,000 Amazon pay EGV
Number of winners10
Quiz Type
Multiple Choice Questions
Amazon Android/iOS App

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