Best IT Quiz books buy online

Searching to buy some IT Quiz books
Well I have few suggestions for you to choose the best IT Quiz books .

I can’t guarantee that you can become a pro IT Quizzer if you mug up those questions in these books, what you should do is research more about those answers from wikipedia,twitter hashtag searches,quora and all and it will make you a good quizzer.
Blitz and Kryptonite are the best known IT Quiz books.

1.Blitz the IT Quiz book

Blitz, the ONLY comprehensive guide to IT quizzing in india, is tailor made for participants of TCS IT Wiz, Rural IT quiz and various IT/Tech quizzes. Written by an avid quizzer and now a quiz master himself, this book serves as a handy IT reference book for everyone, from tech savvy readers to ardent quizzers.
Salient Features
  • Top 100 IT companies, its ceo, logo and headquarters
  • Comprehensive coverage on history of computers and Tech companies
  • About 1000 questions overall : MCQs and general questions combined
  • Who coined IT terms, Derivation of company names, previous names of companies etc
I will suggest you to buy Blitz if you are preparing for any kind of IT Quiz and it is very benefitial one,you will start loving it once you buy it.
Blitz is not available in most of the ecommerce stores as of now, so if you really wish to buy it you can Buy it now from this link.
If you can’t afford buying the hard copy of Blitz, then you can read the ebook online
Click here to read Blitz IT Quiz book online

Click here to buy Blitz IT Quiz books online

Kryptonite is also a best IT Quiz book and its not available in the local stores or main ecommerce stores, you can buy it directly from this link 
Still in a doubt to choose which to buy? You are getting a good deal if you are buying both together.
Don’t doubt if you are spending much on this, each penny that you spend on this 2 books are worth if you are a passionate IT Quizzer.
Add both books to your cart and checkout for Rs 394 only. Still good deal if you are prearing for any kind of IT Quizzes in your life. You can’t find this book in local stores.
This is also one of the best books in IT Quiz. And is available from amazon . It has some good reviews from some certified buyers.
Click here to buy it now
It’s IT! is a maneuvered melange of information from a lot of sources of technology. This book is meant for students and corporate alike who intend to give a shot to the technology quizzes held round the year. Some prestigious names are TCS IT Wiz, TCS Rural IT Quiz, NDTV’s Tech Grand Masters, Computer Society of India School Quuizzes et al. The way the questions have been structured in this book represent the level of difficulty and a very conscientious outlook to the experience to be expected on stage at the premiere IT Quizzes. And, out of experience, the book has been kept pocket sized so as to aid preparation at the centre
This book is more concentrated on computer related quiz questions and its also a good choice for IT Quizzers
Click here to buy it now

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