Blockchain Technology Quiz


Try this quiz on Blockchain Technology to check how updated you are in the tech world. Go on and happy quizzing!! 🙂

1. Bitcoin was created by _____________.

Answer – Satoshi Nakamoto


2. How many Bitcoins are created each day?

Answer – 3600


3. Name the general ledger that tracks all the Bitcoins transactions?

Answer – The Block-Chain


4. Which country has banned its banks from servicing bitcoin companies?

Answer – China


5. What powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

Answer – Gas


6. Which famous Bitcoin exchange from Japan collapsed in 2014?

Answer – Mt. Gox

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7. Name the unit in which Bitcoins can be divisible down to the eighth decimal point?

Answer – Satoshi


8. Ralph Merkle is popularly known for his which invention?

Answer – Merkle Trees

9. Ethereum uses Account Balance. Similarly, Bitcoin uses X. Identify the X.

Answer –  X = UTXO


10. Name the form of the encryption used for the protection of Bitcoins.

Answer – Sha256


11. Blockchain is the same as Bitcoin. True or false?

Answer –  False


12. What is the name of the first academic paper that described bitcoin commonly referred to as?

Answer – The Bitcoin Whitepaper


13. Name the types of records that are not present in the blockchain database.

Answer –  Time Records


14. Identify the hashing algorithm which is used in many blockchain technologies.

Answer –  SHA-256


15. When a record is on a blockchain, it can be accessed by ________.

Answer –  Multiple people simultaneously


16. What is the maximum number of bitcoins that can be created?

Answer –  21 million


17. The process of creating new bitcoins is popularly known as

Answer –  Mining

18. This site which was run by Ross Ulbricht was closed by the FBI for letting people buy drugs with Bitcoin. Name the site.

Answer –  Silk Road


19. When did the Bitcoin network start?

Answer –  January 2009


20. There are some blocks that are created, but not accepted by the blockchain network, such blocks are known as

Answer –  Orphan Blocks


Well done! You have reached the end of this Blockchain Technology Quiz. I hope that you enjoyed it and learned something new. Don’t forget to comment, rate, and share it with your friends. Keep Learning, Keep Quizzing!!



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