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The latest set of 25 Technology Quiz questions and answers 2020

1. What is common to the games `Missile Command’, `Sprint 2′ and `Asteroid’?
A.All made by atari
2. Name the free OS, that which uses the Linux kernel and is named after its initiator, Ian Murdock and his wife Debra.
3. Adobe’s planned high-end DVD authoring toolset is called…?
4. Name the only Indian on Google’s Board of Directors.
A.Ram Shriram.
5. With what word is the French replacing the word `e-mail’?
6. Expand UWB.
A.Ultra-Wide Band
7. Which was the world’s first spreadsheet?
8. Who makes the Optiplex brand of desktops?
A.Dell Inc
9. What did the first Google Doodle depict?
A.Burning Man symbol
10.If Apple has iPad, then who has ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablets?
11. Who makes the Angry Birds game?
A.Rovio Mobile
Technology Quiz
12. Who uses the custom typeface Norad for branding their logo?
It is the API for building software programs to run on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from Apple Inc.
14.If it is an iPad for Apple, for whom is it, Adam?
15. If the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010 is codenamed ‘Office 14′, what was ‘Office 13′?
A. There was no such codename because of superstitious reasons!
16.Which build-a-social-network service, co-founded by the legendary Marc Andreessen, has decided to stop its free, ad-supported service?
17.‘Menlo’ is the codename for…?
A.Microsoft’s touch-screen phone.
Technology Quiz
18. Name the rendering engines used in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
A.Gecko and Trident.
19. What is Asus’ tablet called?
A.Eee Pad.
20. Facebook’s new location-based platform is called…?
A.Facebook Places.
21.If its iPad for Apple, for whom will it be Optimus?
22. If it is iPad for Apple, then for who it was JooJoo tablet?
A.Fusion Garage.
23. Expand IMAP.
A.Internet Message Access Protocol.
24. The layout engine for the Opera web browser is…?
25. What did Mark Gorton found?
A.Lime Wire.
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