Information Technology Quiz for School Students


This is a set of 15 Information Technology Quiz for School Students.

1. Which is the first browser to have speed dial and mouse gesture features?
2. This was the result of a new approach to go beyond search to build what they call a decision engine. With a powerful set of tools on top of a world-class engine, X will help you make faster decisions. What are we talking about?
3. When you have a CD which is given free with a magazine, what is that called?
4. Which company was the first to develop the GUI
5. The company got its name the mathematical figure which denotes the number ‘one followed by a hundred zeros’.
6. Justin Frankel created skinnable, multi-format shareware, which he called ‘Nullsoft’ or ‘nothing to do with software’. How do we better know this today?
Information Technology Quiz
7. If Google has Picassa, what does HP have? (Hint: an image hosting website)
A.Snap fish
8. Who gave the concept of one laptop per child?
A.Nicolas Negroponte
9. Which was the world’s first GUI browser developed by Marc Andersen?
A. Mosaic
10.WordMole is a game application originally found on which famous communication device?
A.BlackBerry (Bold)
11. Joybook is a laptop for enjoying the latest entertainment in spectacular HD format. Which company manufactures it?
12.Which Web Site tells that “Discover what’s happening right now”?
13. This is a downloadable image recognition application trademarked by google?
A.Google goggles
14. Fujifilm has brought a new camera. What is special about it?
A. It’s the world’s first 3D Camera
15. He is the architect of the “High-Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991”?
These are the set of 15 Information Technology Quiz


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