Current Affairs in Information Technology Quiz 2018


1. This Bengaluru based firm was founded in 2008 by Kumar Sudarsan, TP Pratap and Bhaskar Vasudevan, all three alumni of BITS-Pilani. They provide backend technology for the gift card business of several retailers. Amazon is the major stakeholder of this company. Which company am I talking about?

Answer – QwikCilver

2. Which is the fastest Supercomputer in the world as of as of June 8, 2018?

Answer – Summit

3. Name the company that built Summit supercomputer?

Answer – IBM

4. What is the speed of Summit supercomputer?

Answer – 200 Petaflops

current affairs in information technology quiz

5. Where is the world’s fastest supercomputer Summit installed?

Answer – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

6. What is the name of the photo-sharing application started in 2013 as the Indian social camera?

Answer – Vebbler

7. PillPack is a digital pharmacy store acquired by which giant for $ 1 Bn?

Answer – Amazon

8. Who is the Indian American doctor and author who has been selected as the first CEO of the healthcare venture floated by Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan?

Answer- Atul Gawande

9. identify this logo

Answer – Alibaba cloud

10. Where is the world’s first decentralized bank backed by Binance?

Answer- Malta

11. What is the position of India in the Global Innovation Index (GII) rankings?

Answer – 57

12. AblePlus IoT Solutions was acquired by which hospitality startup in India for the betterment of their services?

Answer – OYO Rooms

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