Current Affairs IT Quiz Questions 2020


Current Affairs IT Quiz Questions 2020

Check out the current affairs in IT and technology quiz questions below and leave your comments below.

Q1.X is a company founded by Bart Jacobsz Rosier and Marijn Filipse as Bolt Mobility. It is famously known for its electric scooter AppScooter.It was recently acquired by Ola Electric which plans to unveil its own line of electric scooters. Identify X


Q2.Herrenberg is a small town located in Germany.To promote its Tourism, it teamed up with HLRS using a concept called “Space Syntax”.What did the town Herrenberg recently do

Answer: It created a Digital Twin of the town(creating a VR representation of the town)

Q3.Sodar is an app developed by X.It is an AR application that helps in ensuring Social distance.Identify the app

Answer: Google

Q4.Identify the brand through the draft logo variations?Tomorrow will be the release of its new variant

Answer: Playstation

Q5.Artemis is a company launched by X.It specializes in electronic cars equipped with highly automated driving systems. Which German car company owns this entity

Until 2024 the project “Artemis” will create a highly efficient electric car for Audi with agile processes.

Answer: Audi

Q6.Peak Games is a company based off in Turkey. It is popularly known for its Candy Crush centric Toon Blast and Toy Blast. Previously, X bought its card game division for 100 million dollars.X bought the whole company for 1.8 billion dollars. Identify X

Answer: Zynga

Q7.What is the significance of this book

Answer: First Book sold on

Q8.Novi is a cryptocurrency wallet app owned by X.Formerly known as Calibra, it specializes in Y cryptocurrency. Identify X(The company which owns this) and Y(the crypto owned by X)



Answer: X-Facebook, Y-Libra

Q9.X is a startup based in LA, California. It is a subsidiary of Paypal. It notifies users about price drops in products and its major revenue is based on commissions received when a person buys the product. Identify X



Q10.X is a trademark song commonly heard from Ys Products. It was developed in 2011 by Joong Sam Yun and is the only song found in the library. It is a default ringtone and can also be set as a notification alert. Identify X and Y


Answer: Over the Horizon, Samsung Galaxy


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