Google I/O 2018 Quiz | All you need to know about Google I/O


Here is the Google I/O 2018 Quiz.Have you watched the Google I/O 2018 ? If yes, test yourself on how much you know about Google I/O Conference 2018 from Google I/O 2018 Quiz.

Google I/O 2018 Quiz Questions and answers

1.What is Google I/O?

Answer: Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google.

2. Where was Google I/O 2018 held?

Answer: Mountain View California

3.When was the first Google I/O Conference held?

Answer: 2008

Google I/O 2018 Quiz

4.What does I/O stands in Google I/O ?

Answer: Input/Output

5.What is the slogan of Google I/O?

Answer: Innovation in the Open

6. Google Cardboard was announced on which year I/O Conference?

Answer: 2014

7. What was the product announced by Google on Google I/O 2017?

Answer: Google Home

8. Google is working on something to remove your smartphone addiction on Android P, What is it?

Answer: Android Dashboard

9.Google will be more polite to you if you’re using the word Please on your Google Assistant commands, what is this new feature called?

Answer: Pretty Please

10.Google Assistant is made to book your restaurant tables,salon appointments,many of your needs using automated phone calls. What is this AI-driven technology called?

Answer: Google Duplex

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11. The Google maps are revamped with this new option to navigate using your camera. What is used here other than GPS for building this augmented reality technology?

Answer: Visual Positioning System (VPS)

12. What new feature is being added to the Gmail for better composing experience?

Answer: Smart compose

13. What special input mode was added to the Gboard,who are not able to physically use the text input mode?

Answer: Morse Code Input

14. Which American singer’s voice is coming to Google Assistant end of this year?

Answer: John Legend

15. What new AI technology was used by Google to model John Legend’s unique voice based on samples into Google Assistant?

Answer: Wavenet

16. What does TPU stands for?

Answer: Tensor Processing Unit

17. Identify the device in photo

Answer: TPU

18. The TPU Chips are specially designed for which framework?

Answer: Tensorflow

19.Expand ASIC?

Answer: Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

20. Which was the first Android Mobile phone?

Answer: T-Mobile G1 (also known as HTC Dream)

21. What was the new thing that developers can use to convert App actions from the search bar?

Answer: Android Slices

22.________ teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Answer: Be Internet Awesome

23.Below shown image is the curriculum of what by Google?

Answer: Be Internet Awesome

24.What was announced by google for developers which contains API’s for Machine learning,Face recognition,image labelling,bar code scanning,landmark detection,smart labelling etc.. ?

Answer: ML Kit

25. What is the new gesture to activate Do Not Disturb — by turning your phone screen-down on Android P?

Answer: Shush

That’s all for Google I/O 2018 Quiz from me, I expect more from you if you’ve watched the conference more keen than I did. Let me know in comments.



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