Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz 2016 Questions and Answers


Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz Prepared by ALAN ANTONY SGHSS Kattappana

Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz questions and answers here.

1.Who built the world’s first binary digit computer,the “Z1”?

Ans:Konrad Zuse.

2.MNG is a graphics file format,published in 2001 for animated

Images.Expand MNG?

Ans:Multiple Image Network Graphics.

3.Synfig Studio is an animation program devolped by Andrew

S Quattlebaum,with additional contributions by ……..?

Ans:Adrian Bentley

4.Bell Laboratories now belongs to Nokia.It was originated in

the 19th century as the volta loboratory.It was created by….?

Ans:Alexander Graham Bell.

5.Expansion of VICTERS?

Ans:Versatile ICT Enabled Resources for Students.

6.Which software enables  “slide show” in Libre Office?

Ans:Libre Office Impress.

Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz

7.Which of the following is a file system?

Ans:Ext 4

8.Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and …….?

Ans:Paul Allen

9.Identify the software?(screenshot)?

Ans:Libre Office Base

10.Identify the personality?

Ans:Sundar Pichai

11.Expansion of AIGOL?

Ans:Algorithmic Language.

12.Name the South Korean trading company founded by

Lee Byung Chul in 1938?


13.Identify the logo of company which invented Bluetooth?


Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz

14.CEO of Amazon?

Ans:Jeff Bezos.

15.”Ente Computerinu Ente Bhasha” is the tagline of

Ans:Swathanthra Malayalam Computing.

16.Founder,Chairman and CEO OF is a keralite?

Ans:Ajit Balakrishnan.

17.Identify the logo of a social network

“Simple,Beautiful and Ad-free”is its tagline


18.Created by Wikimedia Community and launched on

Nov.8,2008.Identify the logo?

Ans:Wiki News.

19.”Brain” computer virus for MS DOS formed in Jan.1980.

It was created by?

Ans:Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Ali.

20.”Zero Access Botnet” computer affects which os?

Ans:Microsoft Windows.

That’s all for Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz 2016 questions and answers. Thanks a lot Alan Antony for sharing the questions of Idukki Revenue District IT Quiz

1.The first high-level programming was ..........

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