Important IT Quiz Questions 2017


Some Important IT Quiz Questions which you shouldn’t forget for an  IT Quiz.

1. “Gramophone Company of India” ?
Ans: Saregama
2..Expand MAC as in MAC address.
Ans:Media Access Control
3. What was aquired by Confinity in 2000 ?
Ans: Paypal (later aquired by ebay) is owned by?
5. x is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Vincent Connare for the Microsoft Corporation in 1996. It is named after the trebuchet, a medieval siege engine. The name was inspired by a puzzle question that Connare heard at Microsoft headquarters: “Can you make a trebuchet that could launch a person from main campus to the new consumer campus about a mile away? Mathematically, is it possible and how?” Connare “thought that would be a great name for a font that launches words across the Internet”
Ans: Trebuchet MS

6. Social Soccer is an app by?
Ans: TCS
7.’bad boy ballmer the man who rules microsoft’ is a book about steve Ballmer, who wrote it?
Ans: Fredric Alan maxwell
8.’Name of book written by Micheal Dell with cathreine fredman?
Ans: Direct From Dell
9.ChatON was a global mobile communication service introduced by ?
Ans: Samsung
10.Father of the Modern Algorithm ?


11. father of the analysis of algorithms –

Ans:Donald Knuth – He wrote The art of computer programming
12. X is a corporate initiative of the information technology company IBM. The initiative seeks to highlight how forward-thinking leaders in business, government and civil society around the world are capturing the potential of smarter systems to achieve economic growth, near-term efficiency, sustainable development and societal progress.,
Ans:IBM Smarter Planet
13. What is e-PPS launched by Kapil Sibal?
Ans:Electronics Project Proposal System (e-PPS)
14. Which IT company was the chief IT Service provider on 2012 Olympics?
Ans: Atos Origin
15.X is a type of Internet bot that aims to vote automatically in online polls, often in a malicious manner. X attempts to act like a human, but conduct voting in an automated manner in order to impact the result of the poll.
Ans: Vote bots

16.MobiCash Easy is mobile wallet offered by which major bank in India?
Ans: SBI
17.X is derived from the word segue.meaning smooth transition. X is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen
Ans: Segway
18. What is DRM regarding copyrights?
Ans: Digital Rights Management
19. ATI is a graphics card related company, expand ATI and which company aquired ATI?
Ans: Array Technologies Incorporated , AMD aquired ATI
20.X is a pricing strategy by which a product or service (typically a digital offering or application such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for proprietary features, functionality, or virtual goods
Ans: Freemium

21. Founder of 4chan?
Ans: Christopher Poole
22.What was the codename of Nitendo Wii?
Ans: Revolution
23. Solid Edge is a CAD designing software developed by?
24.Los Angeles Clippers is an NBA team owned by?
Ans: Steve Ballmer
25. Who developed 3D printing?
Ans: Charles W. Hull or chuck hull
26.X is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.
Ans: Technophobia

27. Who is the founder of Zynga?
Ans: Mark Pincus
28.Kirana now is owned by which company?
Ans: Amazon
29.x is an image recognition mobile app developed by Google. X is used for searches based on pictures taken by handheld devices. For example, taking a picture of a famous landmark searches for information about it, or taking a picture of a product’s barcode searches for information on the product
Ans: Amazon
30.Control Video Corporation was the old name of a company which was aquired by Verizon. Which Company?
Ans: AOL
31.X is a co founder of facebook who found Asana after he left facebook. X?
Ans: Dustin Moskovitz
32.Which company purchased a small wireless technology company called Cloudhopper to boost their SMS services ?
Ans: Twitter
33. The term skype is derived from which two words?
Ans: “Sky” and “Peer to Peer” .

34. The Bangalore based company Little Eye Labs was aquired by?
Ans: Facebook
35. Expand MIMD
Ans: MIMD (multiple instruction, multiple data)
36.Ben Silberman is the founder of?
Ans: Pinterest
37.One Click is a book written by y Richard L. Brandt about whom?
Ans: Jeff Bezos
38. X is a mobile augmented reality software by Times Internet Ltd
Ans: Alive VR (GreetZAP,Follo are also owned by Times)
39.What is the term used for injecting malicious code or malware laden advertisement in to an legitimate advertisement?
40.Yahoo has partnered with which company to help Yahoo mail users attach files easily and quickly ?

41.. What did Eesha Khare do ?
Ans:Invented 20 second mobile charger
42.What is the news reading app owned by Linkedin named?
Ans: Pulse
43. X is an organization was founded in 1998 by Steve Linford
to track email spammers and spam-related activity, was in the news
because of some serious spam attacks ?
Ans: The Spamhaus Project
44.Who created Braille Smartphones?
Ans:Sumit Dagar


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