India IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 (Digital India Quiz 2017)


India IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 (Digital India Quiz 2017)

Latest India IT Quiz Questions for TCS IT Wiz 2017 and Kerala state school IT Quiz 2017

1. Who is the president of NASSCOM?

Ans: R Chandrashekhar

2. Who is the CEO of Tech Mahindra?

Ans: CP Gurnani

3. Who are the founders of NASSCOM?

Ans: Nandan Nilekani and Dwang Mehta

4. Where is the NASSCOM headquartered?

Ans: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

5. What is the moto of NASSCOM?

Ans: Transform Business, Transform India

6. What is the name of the project that connects Trivandrum,Kochi,Kozhikode and all districts in Kerala through wireless and LAN Cables?


7. Which is the first digital state in India?

Ans: Kerala ( Announced by Pranab Mukherjee on 27-02-2016 at Kozhikode)

8. Where is India’s first highspeed rural broadband network?

Ans: Idukki

9. Which city in India does Airtel launched 4G first? Ans: Kolkata

10. Which organization manages the .in domain registration in India?

Ans: NIXI (National Internet eXchange of India) India IT Quiz Questions 2017

11. Which is the Kerala state portal for Environmental related issues?


12.______ is an electronics signature service India  to facilitate Aadhar holder to digitally sign a document

Ans: eSign/eMudra

13. Where was first digi-dhan mela held at?

Ans: Gurugram on December 26, 2016

14. Which organization in India launched Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana program? Ans: NITI Aayog

15. What is the name of the program launched by NITI aayog to encourage the merchants towards digital payments and transactions?

Ans: Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana


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16. Which is the implementing agency for Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana?

Ans: NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)

17. What is the name of the program launched by NITI Aayog to promote digital payments on consumers through offers and lucky draws and cash back?

Ans: Lucky Grahak Yojana

18.What is the name of the UPI based application launched on December 30th 2016 by Government of India, to enourage digital payments and services?


19.BHIM app was named  BHIM to honor a very famous economist and politician in India. Whom?

Ans: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

20. What is the name of the educational TV channel for digital payments?

Ans: Digishala

21. Which is the world’s first linguistic e-mail service which is launched in 8 Indian languages.

Ans: DataMail by BSNL

22. Expand DSCI?

Ans: Data Security Council of India

23. Expand NSR? Ans: National Skills Registry

24. What is the tagline of NSR?

Ans: Credible Data, Credible People

25. Expand TIN? Ans: Tax Information Network

India IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017

26. Expand NISG?

Ans: National Institute for Smart Governance

27. Expand NICSI?

Ans: National Informatics Centre Services Inc

28. Expand NIXI?

Ans: National Internet eXchange of India

29. Expand CMET?

Ans: Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology

30. Expand ERNET?

Ans: Education and Research Network

31. Expand MLA?

Ans: Media Lab Asia

32. Expand TDSAT?

Ans: Telecom Disputes Settlement Appeallate Tribunal

33. Expand AEPS?

Ans: Aadhar Enabled Payment System

34. Expand PMIS?

Ans: Project Management Information System

35. Expand PMGDISHA?

Ans: Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan

36. Expand NDLM?

Ans: National Digital Literacy Mission

37. Expand UMANG?

Ans: Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance

38. Expand e-Taal ?

Ans: Electronic Transactionn Aggregation & Analysis Layer

39. What is the theme of ICEGGOV 2017?

Ans: From Digital Government to Digital Empowerment

40. Expand ICEGOV?

Ans: International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance

41. Name the logo of ICEGOV?

Ans: Infinity

42. What is the USSD number reserved for e-payment?

Ans: *99#

43. What is the scheme that offers the payment of utility bills online?

Ans: e-Mitra

44. What is the name given to the digital payments literacy campaign by the Government of India?


45. Expand VISAKA?

Ans: Vittya Saksharatha Abhiyan

 46.NITI Aayog promoted lottery for digital paments, inspired from the success of the lottery show called El Boletza, Name the country?

Ans: Mexico

47. What is NEGP 2.0?

Ans: e-kranti

48. Expand e-NAM?

Ans: National  Agricultural Market

49. Which kis the first country in the world to issue digital currency based on block chain technology?

Ans: Tunisia

50. Who is the CEO of Youtube?

Ans: Susan Wojcicki

51. Identify this logo

Ans: Soil Health Card

52. Which is India’s first UPI based payments app known as the trade name ‘FX Mart Pvt Ltd’. This app was launched on teaming up with YES Bank and later acquired by Flipkart ?

Ans: PhonePe

53. What are these domains which contains non ASCII characters called? examples അമ്മ.com ക്വിസ്.com ?

Ans: IDN (Internationalised Domain Name)

These are the Digital India IT Quiz Questions and answers and more quiz of this type will be updated very soon.



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