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Try this Indian Tech Entrepreneur Quiz to check how updated you are in the tech world. Go on and happy quizzing!! 🙂


1. He started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. He dropped out of college and launched his first start‐up Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2012. Afterward, he pivoted Oravel to X in 2013 with the key proposition of offering affordable and standardized accommodation. Who is he? Also, identify X.

Answer – He is Ritesh Agarwal and X = OYO Rooms


2. He has launched Rockstah Media, a cutting-edge company devoted to web development, marketing, advertisement, and branding, and has been the youngest guest lecturer in IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit. Identify him.

Answer – Farhad Acidwalla


3. Shravan and Sanjay, siblings aged 17 and 15 respectively are the youngest upcoming entrepreneurs of India. Together, they are the brain behind ________.

Answer – GoDimensions


4. Founded in 2016 by Yashwanth Madhusudan and Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan, this intelligent expense management platform for enterprises is at a nascent stage when it comes to funding but its impact is large. Which company is this?

Answer –Fyle

Indian Tech Entrepreneur Quiz

5. Born in Thiruvilla, Kerala, Aadithyan Rajesh defied all age-related restraints when he developed his first mobile application at the age of 9 and by the age of 13, this tech-savvy kid was the owner of an IT company in Dubai. Name this company.

Answer – Trinet Solutions 

6. Google, Bing, and Hubspot Certified Professional and the teen tech prodigy, Advait Thakur is the founder and CEO of which company?

Answer – Apex Infosys India


7. Who is the founder of the two successful startups, The BizDen, and

Answer –Arjun Rai


8. The famous e-commerce company, Flipkart was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. In the beginning, Sachin held the position of the Cheif _____ Officer and Binny was the Cheif ______ Officer of Flipkart. Fill in the blanks.

Answer –Executive, Operating


9. Who is the founder of MakeMyTrip?

Answer – Deep Kalra


10. Mail, Docs, CRM, SalesIQ, Books, Creator, Projects, Vault, FlowWeb, and NMS are the products of which Indian web-based company that was founded by Sridhar Vembu?

Answer –Zoho


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