Information Technology Quiz


Information Technology Quiz Questions
1. How did Puru Pratap Singh make news on Children’s Day?
2. To whom did Intel pay $1.25 billion recently in a long-running antitrust settlement?
3. How many floating point operations per second to two teraflops?
4. Google made its third most expensive acquisition to date by buying a mobile display advertising company for $750 million. Name the company.
5. What geographical feature’s names does AMD use as codenames for its notebook platforms?
6. Ron Sege is the President and COO of the company that makes network switching and routing products and which was acquired by a cyber-giant for $2.7 billion recently. Name both the companies.
7. Microsoft recently banned as many as a million players from Xbox Live for altering their consoles in order to play pirated versions of a new game. Name the game.
8. What is ‘Namoroka’?
9. According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, who overtook Nokia as the world’s most profitable handset vendor in Q3 2009?
10. What is ‘Magasin de la Pomme’ which opened recently beneath the Louvre Museum?
1. His winning entry for the Doodle4Google India contest appeared for the whole day on Google’s India homepage.
2. AMD.
3. Two trillion.
4. AdMob.
5. Names of rivers (Congo, Yukon etc).
6. 3Com and HP.
7. ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’.
8. The development name for Mozilla Firefox 3.6.
9. Apple (with an operating profit for its iPhone division at $1.6 billion compared with Nokia’s $1.1 billion).
10. Apple’s first store in France.
1. Which recently-discontinued but one-time popular service was called Beverly Hills Internet?
2. At its recent annual meeting in Seoul, what plan did Icann, the Internet regulator, approve, in what is seen as the biggest change to the way the Internet works since it was created 40 years ago?
3. On the above theme, who is the president of Icann?
4. The founders of Skype have agreed to transfer disputed intellectual property owned by their company Joltid, which was at the heart of a legal battle, over to Skype. Name the two.
5. Name the Indian researcher behind `SixthSense’, “a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information”.
6. Which cyber-giant is behind `Health Tech Today’, a monthly, online video series on developments in the healthcare technology arena.
7. To mark the 40th anniversary of which popular TV show did Google have customised logos for three days?
8. What is `Project Natal’?
9. If PS2 had EyeToy, then what does PS3 have?
10. What have been Cupcake, Donut and clair in recent times?
1. GeoCities
2. Allow non-Latin-script Web addresses.
3. Rod Beckstrom.
4. Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis.
5. Pranav Mistry.
6. Microsoft
7. Sesame Street.
8. It is the code name for a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform.
9. PlayStation Eye.
10. SDK updates for Google Android.
1. Which project was founded by John T. Haller and Rare Ideas, LLC?
2. Name the USB flash storage device developed by Microsoft along with SanDisk.
3. Whose netbook brand is called Wind?
4. On the above theme, which company is credited with coining the name netbook?
5. What is ‘Raindrop’?
6. To whom is this now-popular saying attributed: “Technology shouldn’t tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. The rule of law applies on the Web. It’s a platform for humanity”?
7. In the world of Twitter, what is the recent claim to fame of the former Current Media executive Robin Sloan?
8. According to its vice-president of engineering, Mike Schroepfer, how many minutes are spent on Facebook every day: 4, 6 or 8 billion?
9. Who makes the Reclaim and Blue Earth range of mobile phones?
10. Owen Van Natta is the CEO of which social networking site?
2. StartKey.
3. Micro-Star International (MSI).
4. Intel.
5. Mozilla Thunderbird team’s ‘exploration in messaging innovation to explore new ways to use Open Web technologies to create useful, compelling messaging experiences.’
6. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.
7. He appears to have posted the five billionth tweet.
8. Eight billion!
9. Samsung.
10. MySpace.
1. Which European nation has become the first country in the world to declare Internet broadband access a legal right?
2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, has confessed and apologised for which ‘unnecessary’ part of a Web address?
3. If Amazon has Kindle, then who will have ‘Nook’?
4. What resource was started by Col Needham and “some film-buff friends”, while Needham was working as an HP engineer?
5. ‘The IBM Mathematical Formula Translating System’ is commonly called…?
6. CDP-101, which made its debut in October 1982, was the first…? And who made it?
7. September 11 made history three years before the WTC attacks when the US Congress released the contents of a controversial and ‘infamous’ yet historical report on the Net. What report?
8. What is the nationality of Linus Torvalds?
9. In August 1997, Microsoft rescued which struggling Silicon Valley icon with a $150-million investment?
10. In which iconic game did names such as Bill Rizer, Lance Bean and The Red Falcon feature?
1. Finland
2. The forward slashes
3. Barnes & Noble
5. Fortran
6. CD player made by Sony
7. The Starr Report, which led to the impeachment of President Clinton.
8. Finnish
9. Apple
10. Konami’s ‘Contra’.
1. Name the high-throughput wireless LAN standard that was finally approved by IEEE on September 11.
2. What was nicknamed ‘Cocktail’?
3. How did a site called ‘’ make the news recently?
4. The non-profit, open-source foundation created by Microsoft with a contribution of $1 million is called…?
5. What is Motorola’s first Google Android device called?
6. Which Japanese giant has launched a new household LED light bulb that it says lasts 40 times longer than incandescent bulbs?
7. Which company has developed a high-quality raw video format initiative called CinemaDNG, where DNG stands for Digital Negative?
8. The cute four-year-old being used by Microsoft to promote its new products is called…?
9. Name the company that has tied up with Yahoo! to give the cyber-giant’s e-mail users the ability to attach up to 100MB of files to each e-mail with an ‘Attach Large Files’ application.
10. September 9, 2009 marked the 10th anniversary of which one-time popular game console made by Sega?
1. 802.11n.
2. Apple’s iTunes LP, a format for interactive album artwork.
3. It was a rogue ad that hit the NY Times web site ‘warning’ readers that their computer may be infected with a virus and redirects them to a site of its making.
4. CodePlex Foundation.
5. Motorola Cliq.
6. Panasonic.
7. Adobe.
8. Kylie.
10. Dreamcast.
1. What first did Professor Leonard Kleinrock of UCLA achieve on September 2, 1969?
2. If one’s Web site had the message “Hacked by Chinese!”, which worm was creating havoc?
3. Of the two Nokia smartphone operating systems, one is Symbian. Name the other.
4. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little co-founded…?
5. April 30, 1993 is a true milestone in Internet history because of a momentous statement made by an European institute. What?
6. In the context of software, expand FLOSS.
7. To whom is this quote about free software attributed: “To understand the concept, you should think of ‘free’ as in ‘free speech’, not as in ‘free beer’”?
8. Who made this statement on CNN’s ‘Late night edition’ in March 1999, leading to a much vilified myth: “…During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet”?
9. The distinction of having the second ever commercial internationalised domain name (IDN) TLDs is for which Indian language?
10. According to a recent list from Symantec of the ‘Top Web threats in the history of the Internet’, whose name led the rest?
1. Sent/tested out the very first message on the ARPANET, which later became the Internet.
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
2. The dreaded Code Red worm.
3. Maemo.
4. WordPress.
5. On that date, CERN’s directors declared that WWW technology could be freely usable by anyone with no fees being payable to CERN.
6. Free, Libre and Open Source Software.
7. Richard Stallman.
8. The then US Vice-President, Al Gore.
9. Tamil (in 2000).
10. ‘I love you’.
1. Which electronics major is making its debut in the netbook market with ‘Booklet 3G’?
2. In which city will Windows 7 get its formal launch on October 22?
3. The new Twitter like site, which is about macroblogging and requires every post to have a minimum of 1,400 characters, is called…?
4. Google co-founder Sergey Brin and wife Anne Wojcicki have given $500K to which copyright reform advocacy group to which Google gives financial support annually?
5. How did actress Jessica Biel achieve ‘infamy’ in cyberspace recently?
6. Sony’s first e-book reader with built-in wireless capability to be launched in December is called…?
7. The first Intel product to put two processor cores and a graphics function together in the same chip package is codenamed…?
8. If Amazon makes Kindle, who makes Flepia?
9. Name the world’s fourth richest person who has decided to take a base salary of $1 for fiscal 2010?
10. Why was Hans Pandeya in the news recently?
1. Nokia
2. New York.
3. Woofer
4. Creative Commons.
5. She is, according to McAfee’s third annual report, Hollywood’s most ‘dangerous’ online celebrity with Fans searching online (for her) having a one-in-five chance of hitting a Web site with malware.
6. Reader Daily Edition.
7. ‘Arrandale’
8. Fujitsu
9. Larry Ellison of Oracle.
10. He is the CEO of Global Gaming Factory X, the company that is attempting to acquire The Pirate Bay.

1. What post does Chris Beard hold in Mozilla Labs?
2. In what way is the contribution of Armas Clifford “Mike” Markkula Jr. important in the history of Apple?
3. Name the Toronto-based company that won a permanent injunction that prohibited Microsoft from selling or importing to the US any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML?
4. One more on MS. Which product while being tested internally was codenamed Kumo?
5. Connect Uncia uncia (or Panthera uncial) to Mac OS X 10.6?
6. What is Google Caffeine?
7. Who is the largest shareholder in Lenovo with about 27.17 per cent?
8. Which was the first text in the ambitious Project Gutenberg launched in 1971?
9. How did Jeremy Jaynes and his sister Jessica DeGroot achieve infamy in 2005?
10. Name the not-much-heard-of scientist, an early discoverer of electromagnetism, whose birthday was doodled by Google on August 14.
1. Chief Innovation Officer.
2. He is the American entrepreneur and an angel investor who provided early critical funding for Apple.
3. i4i.
4. Bing.
5. The scientific name for snow leopard is Uncia uncia and snow leopard is the codename for Apple’s latest OS.
6. It’s a new next-generation architecture for Google’s Web search.
7. Chinese Academy of Sciences, a government agency.
8. The US Declaration of Independence.
9. They were the first to be convicted for spam. Jeremy was sentenced to nine years in prison while Jessica was fined $7,500.
10. Hans Christian Ørsted.
1. What first did a natural-language-interface program called Swift-Answer achieve in 1981?
2. Name the video compression company acquired by Google recently for $106.5 million.
3. Name the former two codenames of the upcoming Windows 7.
4. Expand BBeB as used in the proprietary eBook file format developed by Sony.
5. What has been launched by China as a challenge to the Blu-ray DVD market?
6. How did Pencil Sketch, Transparent Dots, Legal Pad, Star Gazing, among 29 others, make news recently?
7. The “lightweight, easy-to-install and easy-to-change ‘skins’ for your Firefox web browser” are called..?
8. Which cyber-major recently teamed up with GridRepublic to launch a Facebook application that allows spare processing power in a PC to be used to fight diseases


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