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IT QUIZ Questions
1. Vevo, a new music and video entertainment service, set for launch later in 2009, is a tie-up between…?
2. Which test page for Web browsers was developed by Todd Fahrner in 1998?
3. If the layout engine for Firefox is Gecko, what is it for Opera?
4. According to the ‘The Bugzilla Guide – 3.0.8 Release’, what is ‘zarro boogs’?
5. Name the founders of Skype who now want to buy back their creation from eBay.
6. iLike, the social music service, has changed its Facebook application to..?
7. MIT professor Barbara Liskov is the 2008 recipient of which prestigious award that has been awarded since 1966 by the Association for Computing Machinery?
8. With which popular data compression utility is the name of Eugene and Alexander Roshal associated?
9. Expand the acronym yacc as used in the parser generator.
10. Which free BitTorrent client was once known as Azureus?
1. Universal Music Group and Google (specifically YouTube).
2. Acid1, originally called the Box Acid Test.
3. Presto
4. It’s a funny way of saying, by design, that there were no bugs found matching one’s query.
5. Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis.
6. Music
7. The ACM AM Turing Award (for lasting and major technical contributions to the computing community).
8. WinRAR
9. ‘Yet Another Compiler Compiler’
10. Vuze.
1. With which American giant has Intel announced an alliance to develop and market home-based health technologies to help seniors?
2. The first two letters in any EXE program that runs on DOS, OS2 or Windows NT are MZ. Expand MX.
3. What is Google’s newly launched venture capital arm to invest in a diverse array of industries called?
4. What is the ‘Expectation Minute’ on sites such as Anyfiles or Letitbit?
5. Which much-used free Java software framework was created by Doug Cutting and named after his child’s stuffed elephant?
6. One of Google’s famous April Fools Day pranks was Project Virgle. What was/is Project Virgle?
7. James Bidzos is the CEO and Chairman of…?
8. Paul V. Mockapetris is the co-inventor of which hierarchical naming system?
9. A dorm-room venture ‘PCs Limited’ changed its name to have the name of the founder in it. Name the founder.
10. What was CADIE?
1. GE
2. Mark Zbikowski, the Microsoft legend who designed the DOS executable file format.
3. Google Ventures.
4. In the case of non-subscribers, the waiting time (in the form of an advertisement page) before the download link becomes available after one has entered the captcha.
5. Hadoop
6. It was/is teaming up with Virgin Galactic to come up with the first permanent human colony on Mars!
7. VeriSign
8. Domain Name System (DNS).
9. Michael Dell.
10. Dubbed “world’s first ‘artificial intelligence’ tasked-array system”, it was an April Fools’ joke from Google this year!
1. Whose smartphone brand is called ‘Pre’?
2. The inventor, founder, & chairman of Twitter is…?
3. According to tagline, which two cyber giants ‘bring the Internet to Television’ with its Widget Channel?
4. David L. Smith has the dubious distinction of writing which famous virus, which debuted on March 26, 1999 and was named after a lap dancer?
5. Name the new decision-making site that gets smarter the more it’s used, launched by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr.
6. What is the designation of Robert Bernard in Microsoft?
7. Google recently started a free MP3 download service in China in association with, a Web site co-founded by which popular NBA star?
 8. Which very popular global magazine’s archive, covering the years 1954 to 2007, has been put up for free access through a partnership between Microsoft and Bondi Digital Publishing and is viewable through Microsoft’s Silverlight viewer?
9. ‘See what the world is searching for’ is the tagline for…?
10. Name the ex-Microsoft legend, and head of Intentional Software, who became the first tourist to do a second trip to space recently.
1. Palm
2. Jack Dorsey.
3. Intel and Yahoo!
4. Melissa
6. Chief environmental strategist.
7. Yao Ming.
8. Playboy!
9. Google Insights for Search.
10. Charles Simonyi.
1. What are Futhark and Carakan?
2. Quietube has been one of the more popular downloads recently. What is it?
3. Name the former CEO of ZDNet and COO of Yahoo! who is to take over as CEO and President of Activision Blizzard’s Guitar Hero franchise.
4. Which cyber-giant recently announced a $590-million acquisition of Pure Digital Technologies, the maker of the popular Flip Video mini camcorders?
5. With whom has Sony announced a partnership that will bring a half-million classic books to its Sony Reader Digital Book?
6. What is the ‘Wolfram Alpha’?
7. As of March 23, which is the only Asian country to have a fully functional Google Street View?
8. What is the ‘accelerators’ in the recently launched IE8?
9. What is the general term used for software with no great or null benefit, sold using unethical marketing practices, and designed to cause threat, anxiety or shock to an unsuspecting user?
10. Motorola’s equivalent of the T9 feature in Nokia is called..?
1. Javscript engines used in the Opera browser.
2. It’s a new Firefox add-on to enhance YouTube-watching experience where one can watch just the video, with none of the other YouTube page elements.
3. Dan Rosensweig.
4. Cisco
5. Google (who else!).
 6. It’s a new Web service described as ‘computational knowledge engine’ which answers factual questions by relying on analytical methods instead of human-generated documents.
7. Japan
8. It helps perform Web-related tasks directly from a page by simply right-clicking a word or phrase.
9. Scareware
10. iTap
1. Which computer-maker is touted as having the ‘greenest family of notebooks’?
2. Which Indian, part of the Google family, is associated with US tech outfits such as 24/7 Customer, Frontline Wireless,
3. Apple’s term for the text-to-speech engine built into Mac OS XLeopard to help visually-impaired users is called…?
4. Flickr photographers can license their images to paying customers through which famous stock photo agency?
5. If Firefox 3.0 was codenamed Gran Paradiso, what was Firefox 2.0?
6. Derrick R. Meyer is the CEO of…?
7. The first web syndication format to be called ‘RSS’ was…?
8. Which reputed British newspaper is launching an open platform for free content and data in exchange for carrying the publication’s advertising?
9. Which MS product is to come in frost white, eggplant purple, deep olive green and marine blue, apart from the existing red and black?
10. Google’s web clipping application for saving online research on which it has stopped development recently is called..?
1. Apple (for its MacBook).
2. Kavitark Ram Shriram.
3. VoiceOver.
4. Getty Images.
5. Bon Echo.
6. AMD
7. RDF Site Summary.
8. The Guardian.
9. Arc Mouse.
10. Notebook.
1. Wilber is the official mascot of…
2. Which retailer recently paid $5.1 million for the domain name?
3. What was once dismissed by Steve Jobs by saying “the whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore?”
4. Expand TTL, which tells a router if packet has been in the network too long and should be discarded.
5. Name Amazon’s self-publishing service wherein any US citizen can sign up for an account, upload and sell eBooks through Amazon.
6. Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron and Jaunty Jackalope are codenamed for…?
7. What is a Web beacon?
8. What is ‘Vishing’?
9. The name of Bruce Artwick is linked with the first successful virtual reality software application. What was it?
10. Fill in the blank with the creator’s first name to give part of the name of one of the most downloaded free applications: ______ Skiljan
2. ToysRUs
3. Kindle
4. Time-to-live.
5. Digital Text Platform (DTP).
6. Ubuntu, the open source Debian-based Linux distribution.
7. A file object, usually a graphic image, which is embedded on a webpage/e-mail message to monitor user behaviour.
8. VoIP phishing.
9. Flight simulator.
10. Irfan (of Irfanview fame

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