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1. Google had to literally buy gmail.com from whom?

Answer – Garfield, the cartoon cat


2. Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Web in 1989 and began writing its code in 1990. What was the topic of the first web page released in 1991?

Answer – The Web itself


3. What innovation did Ray Tomlinson, the man who made the history in 1971 by sending the first-ever e-mail, first come up with that computer users see every day now?

Answer – The @ symbol in email addresses


4. In 1991, Cambridge University successfully implemented the first webcam on its own local network. What was the purpose of this webcam?

Answer – To monitor a coffee pot


5. Steven Wilhite is known as the inventor of the X that is literally named after the Jif brand of peanut butter. Identify X.

Answer – X = GIFs

Internet History Quiz

6. In 2004, the founder of the tech giant, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was banned from accessing Harvard’s internet because he hacked the “facebooks” of seven sites to create a controversial “FaceMash” site. FaceMash β€œmashed up” faces of female students side-by-side and let visitors choose who was β€œhot” or β€œnot.” Within one night, how many clicks did his site get?

Answer – 21,000


7. Twitter, originally called twttr, came out as one of the ideas presented in a hackathon that was organized in 2006 by a podcasting platform. Name the company which organized this hackathon.

Answer – Odeo

8. Inspired by the success of Foursquare, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger developed the location-based app, Burbn. Although Burbn didn’t succeed, it gave them the idea to make a “photo-sharing” app. What was the name of the new app?

Answer – Instagram


9. Mosaic, released in 1993 and Netscape Navigator, released in 1994 were the early versions of ________.

Answer – Web Browsers


10. In 2010, Instagram was launched with some cool filters for sharing pictures. Who uploaded the first Instagram post and what was it?

Answer – Kevin Systrom uploaded the picture of Dolly, his dog.

Internet History Quiz

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