IT Quiz 136

1.IPS  is a screen technology used for liquid crystal displays (LCDs). It was designed to solve the main limitations of the twisted nematic field effect (TN) matrix LCDs in the late 1980s, such as relatively high response time, strong viewing angle dependence and low-quality color reproduction.What does IPS stands for ?
Ans:In-Plane Switching
2.Identify the logo

Ans: Apple iBookstore
3.X is a  display technology which is designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays which emit light, X displays reflect light like ordinary paper, theoretically making it more comfortable to read, and giving the surface a wider viewing angle compared to conventional displays.It was first developed in the 1970s by Nick Sheridon at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center.What is X ?
Ans:Electronic Paper
4.Identify the company (Hint: Founder – Joseph Jacobson)

Ans:E-Ink Corporation
5.X is an American technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company is known for its Wi-Fi video streaming cameras,  that allow people to view live feeds through X’s cloud-based service. On June 20, 2014, it was announced that Google’s Nest Labs bought X for $555 million USD. What is X ?
6.Who is the current CEO of Myspace ?
Tim Vanderhook
7.Identify the person

 Ans:Vishal Sikka (Infosys CEO)
8.Identify the logo 😛

Ans:Candy Crush ( And you obviously know it )
9.X is an American video game developer and publisher, based in Seattle, Washington, United States, and it is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. It was founded in 2000 by John Vechey, Brian Fiete and Jason Kapalka. One of its famous games is Plants Vs Zombies. Identify X ?
Ans:Popcap Games
10.Identify the logo



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