IT Quiz Questions and answers for students

IT Quiz Questions and answers for students
1.Expand PayTm?
Pay Through Mobile
2.Who sponsors fedora?
Red Hat.
3.What is the expansion of acronym CDMA??

 Code division multiple access
4.Who designed the Indian browser EPIC?
Epic is from hidden reflex . Company by Alok Bharadwaj
5.Who owns Nash Holdings ?
Jeff Bezos
6.Parent company of PayTm?
7.Instagram founder?

Kevin systrm

8.Which acquisition was known as ‘Kunal calling Kunal’ ?
Snapdeal acquired freecharge
9.Which  is the sbi mobile app?
10.Full form of cmos.?
 Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
11.Current ceo of wipro?
Abidali Neemuchawla
12.Indian involved for inventions of usb?
Ajay Bhatt
13.Full form of NOFN?
National opticalfiber network
14.CEO of Adobe systems?
Shanthanu narayan
15.CEO of Oracle?
Mark herd
safra catz
16.Web Address of parent company of google?

17.Which company design clash of Clans?
18.Deja News is the first acquisition of ?
19.SanDisk was acquired by______?
Western Digital
20.Online magazine by APJ Abdul Kalam ?
Billion Beats
21.”A free world-class education for anyone anywhere” is the tagline of?
Khan Academy
22.Browser made by the collaboration of Mozilla and Samsung?
23.Buy it love it sell it is the tagline of?
24.The multimedia interference. .in norway..which is to being stoped and instead of it digital
audio broadcasting is going to be start…which is that multimedia
FM Radio
25.What is known as the combination of Facebook & Craigalist .. a site
from india?
26.delightful discoveries everyday is the tagline of?
27.Redstone is the code name of what?
Redstone is the code name of the upcoming version of Windows 10  update

28.Which agency is responsible for executing Digital India Project?

The whole GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Every department has got its own
responsibly to achieve the goals of Digital India
29.What is the name given to then portal for finding missing children?
Khoya Paya
30.Expand ORUMA: KSEB’s software?
Open Resource  and Utility Management Application

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