Latest Tech Quiz-2018|IT Quiz Questions & Answers|By Nandulal Krishna


Latest Tech Quiz | Quiz Questions & Answers |By Nandulal Krishna

Latest Tech Quiz Questions And Answers Prepared By Nandulal Krishna From Wayanad,Kerala,India

IT-Tech Quiz by Nandulal Krishna | IT
1._________________ is a deal offered by many websites and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to exploits and vulnerabilities
2.Who Coined The Term “Bug Bounty” and Created The Orginal
Bugs Bounty Programme  ?
3.________ is an exploit generally believed to have been developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).It was leaked and  used as part of the worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack
Ans:EternalBlue, sometimes stylized as ETERNALBLUE
4.Robert Browning is a Brtish Entrepreneur. He leads a startup which developes body mounted miniaturised jet-engines,
(Yeah …!! Exactly like Ironman in MARVEL Comics)
Name the Startup ?
Ans: Gravity 
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5. Emma Watch is a wearable Prototype which can help people with Parkinson’s disease write more clearly. it sends vibrations to the brain that help control hand tremors.
Name The Tech Giant Developed it ?
Ans: Microsoft 
6.A series of cyber attacks began 27 April 2007 is Known As the Worlds first Cyber attack . Hackers swamped Websites of parliment , ministries , banks , organisations in a particular Country .
name the country ?
7.__________is considered to be an early example of a class of malware known as “ransomware”.it counts the frequency of PC Re-boots and encrypts the files after a particular number of boot-ups .
Name it ?
Ans:AIDS, also known as Aids Info Disk or PC Cyborg Trojan
8.Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC) ,
 Dash , Ripple (XRP) , Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTH) are Some of the Popular Digital currencies . there orginal name it related to how its units are produced . Give the Common Name for these ?
9.a Mining pool is the pooling of resources by miners, who share their processing power over a network for Crypto currency Mining
Name the World First Mining Pool ?
10.X is an Early Gadget Released in Jan 24 1989 . it Had–
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128kb RAM
Microfloppy drive
Advanced GUI
Mouse !
Name the gadget ?
Ans : Machintosh 128K (the first Mac)
it Costs $2500 = INR 1.5 Lakhs

Tech-IT Quiz By Nandulal Krishna

11.Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack Are very famous Couples in Tech World .  Bosack and Lerner designed and built routers in their house and experimented using Stanford’s network.It Was the begining of Famous Tech Company .
Name the Company ?
12.Marriage is Said to be  a ‘Need’For  Matured man. Sometimes People Fails in Finding their Life Partner.A Chinese artificial intelligence engineer has given up on the search for love and “married” a robot he built himself.
Name the Engineer ?
13.Foris and Yukirin got Married in Tokyo,Japan . They Wore Traditional Outfits And Ended the Function with a Kiss.
What is Special With Their Marriage ?
14.Expand “J2ME”,”J2EE”&”J2SE” ?
Ans: J2ME:-Java Platform 2 Micro Edition
J2EE:-Java Platform 2 Enterprise Edition
J2SE:-Java Platform 2 Standard Edition
15.—X—- is a Web Browser released in early 1993s which popularised WWW. it was developed by  National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).
Name “X” ?
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Ans: Mosaic (NCSA Mosaic)
Tech-Quiz By Nandulal Krishna

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  1. Nice Set of Questions . That Engineer-weds-Robot & Robots Marry Each other Are of 2k17 , not 2k18.
    keep it up , post more questions .


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