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1. What is Cyberduck?
2.App named prisma had been gained much more popularity all over the world to convert photographs into different artistic styles with its machine learning technology. Name the other popular app that is similar to prisma ,that is used to convert”videos” into these types of styles?
3. Which famous company introduced a new television with inbuilt UV mosquito repellent ?
4. Decisions of third umpire has a vital role in determining the winner in sports like Cricket etc. What is the importance of the software named Hawkeye in this field ?
5.Each coin has two sides. We know that as a universal truth.then what is the purpose of the phone named Jupiter iO 3 ?

First round completed ……

2nd round : Round ‘X’

* X is a person
*X was the former executive officer of YAHOO!
*X was also the former chief product officer of Snapdeal
*X is the new head of Facebook messenger
* Name ‘X’ ??

* X is a famous game
* X is using geosynchronous data
* X is developed by Nianti.Inc
* X is using the geosynchronous data collected by a similar game
named Ingress from the same developers.
* Name ‘X’

* X is a file transferring application
* X is known as Shan Shuan in China
* X is known as Flash transfer in other Western countries
* X is very popular among us  than other similiar apps
* Find ‘X’

* X is Company
* X started in 2003
* X first developed softwares to sync digital camera & PC
* X is famous in making mobile OS
* X was a milestone for the formation of open hand set alliance
* X gains much popularity in the world ,works as a predator for  other companies which ruled its field

*X started in the form of a rating website
*X started @ 2004
*X users can’t change its theme
*X owned a mailing service
*X is our favorite!!


1.Cyberduck is an open source FTP client
2. Aristo. It can convert videos into artistic style ,like prisma
4.Widely used Digital score determining and analysing software. Known as Digital Third Umpire
5.Cellular mobile phone with inbuilt “E-ciggarete”.

Round : 2 : ” X”
6. Anand Chandrashekaran
7. Pokemon go
8. Xender

IT Quiz set 2
Subject: All Categories

1.which application from google is known as പിൻഗാമി of gmail app?
2.which smartphone firstly uses the OS named “” blackberry 10.3″” ?
3.Expand ATAP(related to google)?
4.All of us know about the programming language named “python”.
Then I want the name of the pythons Tamil variant and its developer?
5.One initiative is held in Indian IT sector to create Indian Local language varients of the popular programming languages like C,C+,BASIC etc? Name it ?
6. Eclipse is the most commonly used app development environment for Android devices.then tell me which is the official app development environment for apple iOS platform?
7. Social networking platforms are accessed by web connected phones,featured java,symbian,Tyson, S40,android ,iOS etc can access them but old entry level phones with only call and messaging can’t
So which service is used to access them through USSD?
8.Our most smartphone are get damaged through falling down and breaking ,so which company introduced a smartphone case with an inbuilt ” Airbag” in it (hint:its not a mobile manufacturing company,but a vehicle company) ??
9. Mother board in our CPU cabinet has different form factors . WATX is one of its.Expand it ?
10. has a lot of importance in this internet era .what is its purpose?


1. The app named “inbox”
2.blackberry passport
3.Advanced Technology And Projects group owned by Google
4. Ezil(എഴിൽ),developed by Mutthu Annamalayi
5.Hindawi programming system(Bengali,gujrathi,Hindi ,Tamil variants are ready now.their interpreters are available for download).
6.ExCore is the iOS app development environment uses objective C as its core language(android s core language is java)
7.Fontwish. Facebook and google talk are accessible through it
8.its HONDA .N-Case is the phone Case
9. WATX  stands for Workstation ATX(advanced technology extended)
10.this website gives direction to nullify the internet addiction (

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