IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 Prepared by Kiran G Krishnan


IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 prepared by Kiran G Krishnan

1. Expand NaMPET

Ans.National Mission of Power Electronics Technology

2. Identify him


Ans. Umang Bedi

3.An exhilarating backwater houseboat cruise in scenic palm-fringed Kerala can now be experienced remotely at airports in india, courtesy virtual reality.Kerala Tourism is rolling out this experience zone at airports.Which is the first airport where Kerala Tourism have setup this virtual reality experience zone?

Ans.Indira gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

4.Who wrote the book ” Stretch Your Technology Productivity”?


Ans. Ankit Fadia

5.Who wrote the book “THE BIG CONNECT:Politics in the Age of Social Media”?


Ans. Shaili Chopra

6. Who acquired payment start-up PhonePe?

Ans. Flipkart

7. _____ is a portal for dissemination of statistics related to electronic transactions under national and state level e-governance projects including MMPs as a part of Digital India

Ans. e-Taal (Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer)

8. Expand MOSFET

Ans.Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

9.Double Helix Games, comiXology,Twitch are the acquisitions of ____


10.He is the CEO of which company?


Ans. Zoho Corporation..(Sridhar Vembu)

11.ID him.


Ans. Martin Hellman

12.ID him


Ans. Lalitesh Katragadda

Credits for this set of IT Quiz Questions and answers 2017 : Kiran G Krishnan

1.Who wrote the book " The Road Ahead" ?

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