Trivandrum District IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016


Trvandrum District IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016

1.Malicious computer worm by Israel, targets programmable logic gates.It is a spyware.Identify

Ans:- Stuxnet

2#Connect:- v for vendetta, robin hood,freedom fighters,ISIS.

Ans.: Anonymous.

3# X was formed in 2004 to fight the cyber attacks against the governments in India.In 2013 X splitted and Y was formed.Y manages the banking ,telecom and cyber safety of India.Identify X and Y.

X:- CERT(computer emerfgency response team India) Y:- NCIIPC(National critical information infrastructure protection center )

4# (.de) is the Top level domain of which country?


5# Who is known as the theoretical father of computer virology ?

Ans:Jon Von Neumann.

6# identify :-

Z1 (worlds first binary digital computer)

7# X is known as the first flying taxi.It was introduced in CES 2016.X has 8 propellers. X was invented by the Chinese aeronautics company called Y.It can be mentioned as the future of e- commerce.Identify the drone X and the company Y.

X:- E hang 184 Y:- E hang

8# connect :- Google- security- princess and:- Parisa Tabriz

11# connect Vivaldi

12# identify:-

Ruth porat (CFO of Alphabet)

13# identify :-

Ans:fujifilms worlds first 3D camera.

14# Name the channel launched by YouTube for eyewitness videos

Ans:- YouTube news wire.

15# Cube stormer 3 is the robot that solved the Rubics cube in just 3 seconds.Cube stormer was created by X and Y together.X is a series of kits that contain software and hardware to create customizable , programmable robots.Y is an android smartphone that was first shown publicly in march 2013@New York .It becametge first smartphone to support the emerging LTE advanced mobile network standard.Identify X and Y

X:- Lego mind storms Y:- Samsung galaxy S4.

16#Expand VVPAT:-

Ans:voter variable paper audit trial.

17# X is a social communications company founded by Philip Mohin and Touraj Parang.The features of X includes Social networking focused on voice that require no software downloads or access pins.Currently the company X is located in Menlo Park,CA. Later in 2009 X was aquired by an Indian company Y. Identify X and Y and also founder of Y?


Y-Sabsebolo by Sabir Bhatia

18# Connect

Unix, Linux Solaris OSX and Microsoft Windows.

What is common?

Ans: Apache, The web server used in these is made by Robert Mc cool

19# Name the initiative launched by  Google along with tata trust to educate women in rural India on the benefits of using internet?

Ans: Internet Saathi

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Father of Computer Science

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