Kerala All District School HS IT quiz 2018

Kerala All District School IT quiz 2018  (Questions are same for all Districts )
IT Quiz HS Section Questions and Answers collected by Nandulal Krishna from Wayanad.
1.What Are Noughat,Oreo and Pie ?
Ans: Android Versions
2.What is “Mac Mini” ?
Ans: Mini Desktop Computer by Apple
3.The name of the Company JackMaa Started on 1999 ?
Ans: Alibaba
4. To which Field “*99#” related to ?
Ans: USSD based Mobile banking Service from NPCI
5. “Power to Empower” is the Tagline of ?
Ans: Digital India
6.What is #FUTURE – a two day global summit related to and where it is conducted ?
Ans:its Kerala’s first-ever Global Digital Summit.
7. Expand “IDEAS”
Ans: Informations and Data Exchange Advanced System
8.Expand “API”
Ans: Application Programming interface
9.Expand “MOOC”
Ans: its Massive open Online Course (make sure the the words “open”and”online” never changes its place)
10.ID the Pic
Ans: Co-axial Cable
11.Which Company Have the Nasdaq code -“GDDY”
Ans: Godaddy
12.James gosling is related to ?
Ans: JAVA 
13. What is “IEEE Spectrum”
14. X is Developed by Pyra labs and later aquistited by Google . ID “X”
Ans: Blogger
15.which Company Owns Instagram ?
Ans: Facebook
16. Expand SSD
Ans: Solid State Drive 
17.Libre office Suite is From ?
Ans: Document Foundation
18. What is the common name for “Apple Keynote And OpenOffice Impress”
Ans: Presentation Softwares 
19.ID the Founder Of TED
Ans: Chris Anderson
20. What is Nokia Steel HR
Ans: its A Smart watch or Simply a Fitness TRacker 
21. Who Developed Fuschia OS ?
Ans: Google
22. What Are “Sruthi and Drishti”
Ans: They Are Text-to-speech and Text-to-Braile
23. Sanchar Bhavan is The HQ of ?
Ans: Union Ministry of Communications And IT 
24. Name the Bank Which Started “3i Infotech” ?
Ans: ICICI Bank
25. 1 MegaBits= –?—-KiloBits ?
Ans: 1000
26.Which Company is Formed by Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku
Ans: Mobikwik
27. Which Company Launched Zenfone Series Smartphones ?
28. “X” developed a Tool Management software platform Called “Y”
Ans: X– NPCI and Y– NETC
29.Who wrote the bookS “Imagining India” and “Rebooting India” ?
Ans: Nandan Nilekani
30.Expand AMOLED
Ans: Active Matrix LED 
Questions are Collected By Nandulal Krishna 

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