Kerala state IT Quiz 2012

(Conducted on Technopark,Trivandrum  February 2 2012)
1. Speak to tweet is the service provided by which internet giant?
2. Who is the father of free software foundation?
            Richard Mathew Stalman
3. Expand SOPA
            Stop online piracy act
4. What is the relation between Craig Silverstain and Google?
            He is the first employee of Google
5. Xoom is the tablet computer introduced by which company?
6. Who is the author of the book “Go kiss the world”?
            Subrato Bagchi
7. Expand CAT related to law
            Cyber applet tribunal
8. Which is the tablet computer introduced by Amazon?
            Amazon kindle fire
9. Expand SAMEER
            Society for applied microwave electronics engineering and research
10. Expand VSAT
            Very small aperture terminal
11. WIT is the NASDAQ code of which Indian company?
12. Who is the prince invested 300 million dollars in Twitter?
            Al Waleed Bin Talal
13. What is SIRI?
            Voice commanding system in Apple i phone 4s
14. Who is the father of C programming passed away recently?
            Dennis Ritchie
15. What is F8 related to Facebook?
            Annual developers conference
16. What is IMPS banking system?
            Inter banking mobile payment system
17. World computer literacy day is celebrated on
            December 2
18. What is ice cream sandwich ?
            Android OS 4.0
19. Satyam computers is known today as
            Mahindra Satyam
20. In Trivandrum technopark what is T BIC?
            Technopark business incubation centre
21.Expand CATFOSS
            Centre for advanced training in free and open source software
22. Who is the current (as on 2012 January) Kerala IT minister?
            P K Kunjalikutty
23. What is Opera mini?
            Mobile phone web browser
24. One of the directors of Walt Disney company passed away recently who is that?
            Steve Jobs
25. What is Spam related to e-mails?
            Unwanted emails

1. This was created by Hasbro in 1967,which allows the user to create glowing designs?
Ans: Lite-Brite
2. This P2P file sharing service ran into trouble after it circulated the song ‘I Disappear’ by Metallica,even before it was officially released .Which is that P2P file sharing service?
Ans: Napster
3. At 15,he published a book on ethickal hacking and started a website called ‘Hacking Truths’.Identify him?
Ans: Ankit Fadia
4. These awards are called the Nobel Prizes of Information Technology?
Ans: Turing Award
5. Expand WPAN?
Ans: Wireless Personal Area Network
6. What is a propriety software called that has a trial version?
Ans: Shareware
7.The first commercially available digital camera was in the 1990s.Identify this? (options:1)Digicam 2)Dycam 3)Maxcam)
Ans: Dycam
8. Which sound technology was used for the first time in ‘Batman Returns’? You now usually see it on film posters a lot.
Ans: Dolby
9. What is the compact wireless router called that connects to 5 devices at a time within the range of 10m?
Ans: MiFi
10. Which device from Amazon made TOI publish a headline (something like) ‘E-book market has been transformed’?
Ans: Kindle

1.) This penguin character is the mascot of Linix Kernel. Name this penguin?
2.) We have independence day, republic day, science day etc. Like that, this day was first observed on 28 August 2004. Since 2006, it has been observing in the third saturday of September every year. What is significance of this day?
A: Software Freedom Day(SFD)
3.) Shelfari is a social cataloging website for books. Shelfari users build virtual bookshelves of the titles they own or have read, and can rate, review, tag, and discuss their books. Which company is offering this service?
4.) Which is the world’s largest mobile operator with more than 600 million subscribers as of March 2011?
A: China Mobile
5.) What do you mean by Data archaeology?
A: It refers to the art and science of recovering computer data encrypted in now obsolete media or formats.
6.) “Patni Computer Systems ” was it’s former name. How do you know the company now?
A: iGATE Patni
7.) It was started in 1999 by 10 industry professionals who came from Cambridge Technology Partners, Lucent Technologies and Wipro. This company crossed USD 100 million in revenues in April 2006 & has been involved in the creation of Bluetooth technology and is an Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.
A: Mind Tree Ltd.
8.) It is a technology introduced by Intel Corporation that uses NAND flash memory modules to reduce the time it takes for a computer to power up, access programs, and write data to the hard drive. During development, the technology was codenamed Robson. How do you know this technology?
A: Intel Turbo Memory
9.) This gaming console was known by the code name of “Revolution” until April 27, 2006, immediately prior to E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo). How this console is popular now?
A: Nintendo Wii
10.) It is the brand name of an LCD color display technology produced by Sharp Electronics. The technology utilizes a fourth color subpixel, yellow, in addition to the standard RGB color subpixels, which Sharp claims increases the range of displayable colors, and which may mimic more closely the way the brain processes color information. Name the technology?
A: Quattron
 1. X was in development from April 2007, and released on 3 March 2008. Its main developer was Ian Hickon. What is X?
A: Acid3
2. He was an American computer scientist who received Turing Award in 1998 and he was lost at sea during a solo sailing trip?
A: Jim Gray
3. What process is called Tethering?
A: The use of mobile phone as a Internet gateway for another device (PC/Laptop)
4. This is an American company involved in the research of low power computer display technology. This was founded by Mary Lou Jepsen, who was previously the CTO of OLPC project?
A: Pixel Qi
5. If Google has Goggles , who own “Point & Find”?
A: Nokia
6. Mark Weiser coined this phrase around 1988 during his tenure as Cheif Technologist of Xerox PARC. Which is the phrase?
A: Ubiquitous Computing
7. Who started the Wb Standards Project (WaSP) in 1998?
A: George Olsen
8. Name the utility that automatically builds the executable and libraries from source code which was originally created by Stuart Feldman in 1997 at Bell Labs?
A: Make
9. “Sundance” is a code name of one product (video editing) from Microsoft. Which is the product?
A: Windows Live Movie Maker
10. X was orginated in 1987, when Joe Becker from Xerox and Lee Collins and Mark Davis from Apple started investigating the practicalities of creating a universal character set. What is X?
A: Unicode
1) Whose online nickname is ‘Jimbo’ ?
→ Jimmy Wales (Founder of wikipedia).
2) He was in Xerox when he invented Laser Printer. Who is he ?
→ Gary Starkweather
3) He called Internet as ‘Information Super Highway’. He was vice president of America. He also
received Nobel Prize for peace. Who is described here ?
→ Al Gore.
4) He born in England. He is regarded as the father of computer science. Who is he ?
→ Alan Turing.
5) Expand SVTC. It is related to Electronic waste ?
→ Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition.
6) This company brought the first wireless hard disk. Name the company?
→ Imation.
7) This comapy is known for bringing first USB 3.0 thumb drive. Which is the company ?
→ Super talent.
8) T9 in mobile devices helps to increase the typing speed. What is T9 ?
→ Text in 9 keys.
9) CMM is a service mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. What is CMM ?
→ Capability Maturity Model.
10) What is gTLD in relation with domain names ?
→ Generic Top Level Domain.
1) Who Developed the GNU/LINUX kernel ?
→ Linus Torvalds
2) Geocities was a free web hosting service and it was stopped . Whose service was this ?
3) In which code does SUN Inc is listed in the NASDAQ, America’s famous stock exchange?
4) Ymail and rocketmail are the email domains from which company ?
→ Yahoo
5) Expand ICANN
→ Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
6) Name the application Virtulisation Project of Microsoft and Sandisk ?
→ Start Key.
7)Karmic kola, Jaunty Jackpole, Hardy Heron are the code names of different versions of an Operating System. Which is the operating system ?
→ Ubuntu
8)“who do you know” is the slogan of which famous social networking website ?
→ Orkut
9) This is a small format of projector that can be used as a stand alone projector or as an integrated component in mobile devices, and uses the same technology that powers standard projectors. Name it ?
→ Pico Projector.
10) Mojopac is an application virtualisation software. Which company’s product is this ?
→ Ringcube Technologies.
1) Which is the major element used in microprocessors ?
→ Silicon
2) Expand Wi-Fi ?
→ Wireless Fidility
3) Expand UNIVAC ?
→ Universal Automatic Computer
4) Expand ISIJU ?
→ Indian Statical Institute and Jadavpur University
5) which is the encyclopedia from Microsoft ?
→ Encarta
6) Who is the former of Free Software Foundation ?
Richard Stallman
7) The Blog with stolen content is called ?
→ Splog
8) What is Cyborg ?
→ Cyber Organism
9) What is the full form of BASIC ?
→ Beginner’s All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
10) Which is the Operating System Provided by SUN Inc ?
→ Solaris or OpenSolaris
1) Which is the world’s first Super Computer ?
→ Cray I
2) Which company’s search Engine is BING ?
→ Microsoft
3) Whose book is ‘One Night @ call center’ ?
→ Chethan Bhagath
4) Expand LOGO ?
→ Logic Oriented Graphic Oriented
5)Who is known as the world’s first Programmer ?
→ Lady Ada Lovelace
6) X box is the product from which company ?
→ Microsoft
7) Which company provide the Operating System ‘ Ubuntu ‘ ?
→ Canonical
8) Expand GNOME ?
→ Gnu Network Object Model Environment
9) The Netbook ‘Asipre One ‘ is from which company ?
→ Acer
10) 8 Bits are called a Byte. Then 4 Bits are called ?
→ Nibbl
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