1. What was the Engage! Conference and Expo held recently in New York?
2. Name the Microsoft-acquired company that is one of the three companies that contributed to the European Commission opening an antitrust investigation of Google.
3. Who launched a tool at after the recent Chile earthquake?
4. Name the Indian CEO of Bloom Energy that’s been in the news of late?
5. What is ‘Pineview’?
6. What is the recent claim to fame of Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way” song?
7. Name the line of PDAs that HP used to make before it acquired Compaq and launched iPAQ?
8. According to Microsoft, what do the letters CE in Windows CE imply?
9. Who used the tagline ‘Simply the Best Internet Experience on Any Device’?
10. If the first core game was Orcs & Humans, name the second and third and in which game franchise do they come?
1. It was ‘the definitive event on youth entertainment technology’.
2. Ciao! from Bing.
3. Google as a People Finder initiative.
4. K.R. Sridhar
5. The codename for the latest iteration of the Intel Atom processor.
6. Downloaded by Georgia native Louie Sulcer, it is the 10 billionth download from the iTunes music service.
7. Jornada
8. “…a number of the precepts around which Windows CE is designed, including ‘Compact, Connectable, Compatible, Companion, and Efficient’.”
9. Opera
10. Tides of Darkness and Reign of Chaos in the Warcraft franchise of video games.
1. Name the recently unveiled music file format, developed by some of the key figures behind the MP3 and intended to be a competitor to Apple’s iTunes LP.
2. One of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated on Wikipedia was in its Polish version, from November 2004 to February 2006, about a person named Izaak Apfelbaum. How was he better known?
3. Who was named the ‘Mobile Industry Personality of the Year’ at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?
4. What was formerly known as the Integrated Media Player (iMP), Interactive Media Player and MyBBCPlayer?
5. What important technology does EMVCo oversee?
6. According to Harvard University researchers Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman, Google could be making some $497 million a year from which common Net ‘error’?
7. Cathie Lesjak is the CFO of which cyber giant?
8. Who has launched a video-streaming service simply called ‘Go’?
9. Who made this ‘criticism’ of the iPad: “You know, I’m a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen, and a real keyboard — in other words, a Netbook — will be the mainstream on that”?
10. Name the Vijayawada-born lady now serving as the CTO of Cisco.
1. MusicDNA.
2. Henryk Batuta.
3. Steve Jobs.
4. BBC iPlayer.
5. The technology behind chip-based payment cards.
6. Typosquatting
7. Hewlett-Packard
8. HBO
9. Bill Gates.
10. Padmasree Warrior.
1. Google, as part of its April Fool prank in 2009, introduced to us CADIE. Expand CADIE.
2. Whose tagline reads ‘Go beyond status messages’?
3. Which video service founded in 2004 by CEO Dmitry Shapiro, which had investors such as Goldman Sachs, Time Warner and former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, is to shut down?
4. The latest iteration of the hugely popular Halo franchise for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is called…?
5. Name the social-search provider, named after a rare animal, which Google has acquired for about $50 million.
6. Ali Rowghani, set to join as Twitter’s CFO, is at present the CFO of which very successful studio owned by Disney?
7. In a sudden shock to many users, which online payment giant, on February 8, put some of its services in India on hold temporarily?
8. Of which leading Indian IT company was Vijay K. Thadani one of the two founders in 1981?
9. Which Indian IT pioneer is called ‘Magus’ (Persian for wizard) by his friends?
10. Where is IBM planning to house the Blue Waters project supercomputer, the world’s fastest supercomputer?
1. Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.
2. Google buzz.
3. Veoh
4. Reach
5. Aardvark
6. Pixar
7. PayPal
9. HCL’s Shiv Nadar.
10. University of Urbana-Champaign, the varsity where Netscape had its genesis.
1. What has been dubbed ‘Operation Aurora’?
2. In the world of mobile telephony, why would February 4, 2010 go down in history?
3. Nobuyuki Oneda is the CFO of which electronics giant?
4. What is Project Needlemouse?
5. Who has bought Yahoo’s HotJobs for $225 million? 17
6. What is Lostpedia and who operates it?
7. Name the CEO of Mozilla Corporation.
8. Name the company, on whom Google has trained its sights, that makes the codecs TrueMotion S, VP4, VP5, etc.
9. How did the Firefox add-ons Sothink Web Video Downloader 4.0 and Master Filer make news for the wrong reasons recently?
10. Name the two entities behind Robonaut 2, a humanoid robot.
1. The recent China-based cyber attacks on 30 leading companies including Google and Symantec.
2. The Symbian Foundation completed the open source release of the source code for the world’s most widely-used smartphone platform.
3. Sony
4. Sega’s codename for its new game, ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1′, which comes after a long time.
5. Monster
6. It is a ‘Lost’ fan encyclopaedia hosted and operated by Wikia.
7. John Lilly.
8. On2 Technologies.
9. They were pulled out by Mozilla as they were found to contain Trojan horse code aimed at Windows users.
10. GM and NASA.
1. A hand-held computing device, built in 2002 by a Japanese company, complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and VoIP support, is now in the news. Name the company and the device.
2. Due to a dispute over the pricing on e-books, recently pulled out books from which leading global publisher?
3. Who has developed the Maemo software platform for smartphones and Internet Tablets based on the Debian Linux distribution?
4. If it’s Kindle for Amazon, for who is it the ‘Que’ and ‘Ocean 9′?
5. William McCracken is the new CEO of…?
6. Which popular Web site’s tagline says ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’?
7. Who makes Pi, being held up as ‘India’s 1st Reading Device’?
8. The co-founder of which iconic cyber giant bid adieu to his company with a recent memo titled “Thanks for a great 28 years” in which he said “…My hat is off to one of the greatest capitalists I have ever met, Larry Ellison”?
9. Name the chip that runs the iPad.
10. Codenamed the LeapFrog, the 950 was the first true …?
1. Fujitsu and iPad.
2. Macmillan
3. Nokia
4. Plastic Logic and Opia.
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
5. CA
7. Infibeam
8. Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems.
9. A4
10. BlackBerry
1. What is the name used by YouTube for its ‘ideas incubator’ where ‘…engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren’t quite fully baked and invite you to tell us how they’re coming along’?
2. Where is the Indian office of the World Wide Web Consortium located?
3. What first has the Xperia X10 (or SO-O1B) achieved for Sony?
4. Which cyber giant recently launched a digital music service called MusicStation in Europe?
5. Name the co-founder at Napster who went on to become Facebook’s founding president.
6. Name the new Web site launched by Bill Gates recently which is, in his own words, “…an extension of his Annual Letter” where he shares his thoughts on many topics.
7. How did astronaut T.J. Creamer, on board the International Space Station, make social-media history on January 22?
8. YouTube has launched a video rental service, beginning first with five films from which popular film festival’s 2009 and 2010 edition?
9. Which popular duo have plans to sell 5 million shares each in the company they co-founded, representing about 17 per cent of their overall holdings, over the next five years?
10. Expand WHATWG.
1. TestTube.
2. Department of Information Technology, Electronics Niketan, New Delhi.
3. It is the Japanese giant’s first android smartphone.
4. Hewlett-Packard.
5. Sean Parker.
7. He became the first human to send a Twitter message from space.
8. Sundance film festivals.
9. Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.
10. Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group.
1. Academy Award winner and Nobel Laureate Al Gore is a partner at which prestigious venture capital firm?
2. According to the latest ‘State of the Internet’ from Akamai, the world’s top country for Internet attacks is Russia. What is India’s rank? 19
Study Material @ TCS IT Wiz – By Srijit B.
3. Which ‘high’ product does PlainView Systems’ Compassionate Care Marketplace (www. market?
4. The code name for the Intel processor, initially sold as mobile Intel Core i3, i5 and i7, released recently is…?
5. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is the CEO of….?
6. The family of which cult sci-fi writer is angry or reportedly considering legal action at the name of the new Google phone?
7. Sacramento State 8008 computer has now laid claim to what ‘first’ in the world of computers?
8. According to the American Dialect Society, which words took the honours for the ‘Word of 2009′ and the ‘Word of the Decade’?
9. Rob Glaser recently stepped down as the CEO of a company which he guided to the forefront of digital music and video. Name the company.
10. ‘Roxxxy’ is being touted as the world’s first…?
1. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers
2. Ninth.
3. Marijuana.
4. Arrandale.
5. Nokia.
6. Philip K. Dick.
7. The world’s first complete microcomputer.
8. Tweet and Google. respectively.
9. RealNetworks.
10. Fully functioning sex robot!


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