Kerala State IT Quiz 2017 Questions and Answers by Viswa Prabha


Questions and answers of Preliminary round of Kerala State Level IT Quiz 2017

This is a tweaked version of Kerala State IT Quiz 2017 . Actual questions were different from this set.

Kerala State IT Quiz 2017 Questions and Answers by Viswa Prabha.

1. HDMI full form
Ans: High Defenition Multimedia interface. 
2. Id.
Ans:  Sahir Khan.
3. If  14.04 what stands for 17.04.
Ans:  Zesty Zapus
4. full form of SDR.
     Software defined radio
5. Logo of
Ans:  Geogebra
6. Expand REGEX
Ans:Regular Expressions
7. What is Gigafactory  ?
Ans: Huge battery of  Tesla company 
8. What is PGP.
Ans: Pretty good privacy  (used for encrypt file)
9. id them.
Ans:      Mark zuckerberg
      Bill Gates
      Steve jobs
10.  Full form of ISCII.
Ans:     Indian Script code for information interchange.
11. Id them.
 Ans:       Jimmy Wales
12. Id the logo.
 Ans:       Bitcoin
13.  Id them.
         Vijay Sekhar sharma
         Nandan nilekini
        Anwar sadath
        Sudha moorthy
14. Expand BASIC.
Ans:  Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
15. Id logo.
Ans:       WikiData
16. Id the part of a machine.
Ans:   Part of Babbage’s difference engine
Kerala State IT Quiz 2017
17.   Where is the NIELIT in Kerala located?
Ans:  Kozhikode
18. What is fly by wire…..    (which branch in science using this technique)
Ans:       A step up technology Aircrafts controlled by computers.
19. RSS ( In web technology)

Ans: Really Simple Syndicate

20. What is F,J,5 keys speciality.

Ans: Used for blind persons to use computers.
21. Sahasthra and adithya in Bangalore…… What is their speciality….    one in pune.
Ans:  Supercomputer or High performance computer
22. Expand TED (
Ans:    Technology Entertainment Design
23. A test for machines eligibility if there is more IQ than humans. Which is that test.
Ans: Turing test
24. What is odometry?
 Ans: Use of data from motion sensors to estimate change in position over time.
25. What is hyperjacking?(which field)
Ans: Attack in virtual machine. 
26. in 1986 students of university of california started a group.What is the groups name……. its short form is a file format. (or) name the package.
Ans:  XCF (Experimental computing )
27. You know red hat in computer field. then what is or what is it associated with Black hat white hat black hat grey hat.
 Ans: Ethical Hacking 
28.  Id the person.
Ans: Sam Pitroda
29. Id the logo associated with smart phone.
Ans: Android based OS
30. IP address of local host.
Kerala State IT Quiz 2017


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