Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017 HS Questions and answers


Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017 HS Questions and answers

Checkout the questions and answers of Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017 HS section,stay tuned HSS questions will be updated soon.

1.Name the project?

The Kerala government is planning to provide free internet connections to 20 lakh poor families. The initiative is being implemented under the new optic fibre pathway, through KSEB posts

Ans: Kerala Fibre Optic Network (K-FON)


2. BOSS is an Indian GNU/Linux distribution developed by CDAC and is customized to suit Indian’s digital environment. It supports most of the Indian languages. It is derived from Debian Linux.

Which is the free OS for schools under BOSS?

Ans: EduBOSS


3. Identify the logo

Ans: Google Analytics


4.Find the common factor

Ans: Operating System for mobile devices based on Android

On the photo: OmniROM,Lineage OS,Color OS,Oxygen OS

Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017

5. Name the Movie

Ans: The Social Network

6.Name the technique?

  • In software testing, it is a technique where the user tests the application or system, by providing random inputs and checking the behavior, or seeing whether the application or system will crash. It is usually implemented as random, automated unit tests.

Ans: Monkey Testing


7.What is the Connection !

  • Firebase was a mobile and web application development platform
  • GreenBorder was a security software company that specialized is using virtualization to create safe zones for online activities for internet users.
  • SageTV Media Center, now  open source, was a proprietary commercial DVR ( Digital Video Recording) and HTPC (Home Theater PC) software for Mac OS X,Windows and Linux.
  • ImageAmerica was an aerial photography company

Ans: Google Acquisition

Company          Use as/Integrated               Year

Firebase             Google Cloud Platform      2014

GreenBorder     Google Chrome                  2007

SageTV                Google TV                           2011

ImageAmerica    Google Maps                      2007


8.Name the communication robot?

  • It can recognise each member of the family and assist with daily life simply y talking to it.
  • It feels like a member of the family. Recognises the whole family
  • It will make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Peace of mind for parents away from home.
  • It can help each family members plan their day.
  • It can dance.
  • Developed by Sony Corporation

Ans: Xperia Hello


9.Who is the parent of this website?

  • VirusTotal is a website, launched in June 2004
  • VirusTotal aggregates many antivirus products and online scan engines to check for viruses that the user’s own antivirus have missed.
  • There are several browser extensions available ,such as VTZilla for Mozilla Firefox,VTChromizer for Google Chrome and VTexplorer for Internet Explorer.
  • Files and URLs sent to VirusTotal will be shared with antivirus vendors and security companies so as to help them in improving their services and products.


Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017

10.Name the knowledge base?

  • It is a collaboratively edited knowledge base operated by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • It is intended to provide a common source of data which can be used by Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia.
  • It is a document-oriented database.

Ans: WikiData

11.Winfred Mitchell Baker

  • She has been affectionately given the title of “Chief Lizard Wrangler”
  • TIME Magazine included her in its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

She is Executive Chairwomen of _____________ ?

Ans:Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation


12.Which Book? – 26 Sep 2017

Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, while tracing his own journey from a childhood in India to leading some of the most significant changes of the digital era and offering his vision for the coming wave of intelligent technologies.

Ans: Hit Refresh


13. Connect?

HomePod                                            Amazon Echo                                    Google Home

Ans: Smart Speakers


14.This mobile app (RedBull TV) got world’s best award for apps?

giving you front row access to live events, the very best in action sports, the hottest new music and entertainment and thrilling videos from world adventurers.

Ans: Best TV Experience (free)


15. “dub-dub” (conference)

Kabir Oberoi, just 15 years-old Indian boy with two apps already on the App store, Kabir is a self taught coder,and received a scholarship to attend dub-dub

Which conference is referred to as dub-dub conference?

Ans:Apple Wordlwide Developers Conference (WWDC)


16. GNUKhata is an open source software introduced in state higher secondary curriculam from this year onwards . This software will replace the proprietary software ______________?

Ans: Tally

Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017

17.Match the HTML Color Code

  1. #000000    A) Green
  2. #FF0000    B)Black
  3. #00FF00    C) Yellow
  4. #FFFF00    D)Red



  • #000000   -Black
  • #FF0000   -Red
  • #00FF00    – Green
  • #FFFF00    – Yellow

18. Expand “MOOC” ?

Ans: Massive Open Online Course

19.Name the payments apps?

A mobile payments service by Google,targeted at users from India.

It operated atop the Unified Payments Interface, developed by the National Payments Corporation of India.

Ans: Tez


20.Name the media website?

It is an American media website that publiseds reviews,news,articles,blogs,podcasts,and videos on technology and consumer electronica globally.

It is the highest-read technology news source on the web, with over 200 million reads per month.

It acquired ZDNET for approximately $1.6 Bn. It acquired Webshots, the leading photography website for $70Mn.



21.Who is the organizer of this conference?


22. Expand MR

VR- Virtual Reality

AR- Augmented Reality

MR – ?????

Ans: Mixed Reality

Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017

23.Write the URL of the online application?

  • It is an onlie application that can help you overcome addiction of visiting certain websites (Gmail,Facebook,Digg,Myspace….) too frequently. It starts sending you warning alerts when you visit sites too often.
  • Addicted to a website? Warning to cut down on your visits?
  • Make a bookmark for the website with us and store it in your browser.
  • Using the bookmark will prevent you from visiting the website too often!

Ans:  www.KeepmeOut.com

24.Pick the Odd one out

Tupi,Blender,KToon,Synfig Studio

Ans: Blender

Blender is Professional , free and open source 3D computer graphics software that is used for creating animated films,visual effects,art,3D printed models. Others are 2D


25.Find the term in Technology

It is a pricing strategy by which product or service is provided free of charge, but money is charged for additional features ,services,or virtual goods.

Temple Run,Drop Box,Evernote are all examples

Ans: Freemium

Kozhikode District IT Quiz 2017





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