Kozhikode IT Quiz Questions and answers 2016 Sasthramela


kozhikode-it-quiz Check Kozhikode IT Quiz  HSS Questions and answers 2016

1.Identify the logo

*image omitted from post due to no attribution

Ans: Microsoft DirectX

2. Identify this logo


Ans: K3b

3. Who wrote Mattoru dot com sandhyayil ?

Ans: Sethu

4.Identify this logo


Ans: The Verge by VOX Media

5. Identify them


Ans: Turing award winners (WHITFIELD DIFFIE & MARTIN HELLMAN )



Ans: Sheryl Sandberg

7. Identify this homepage

visit abc.xyz to see the homepage

Ans: Alphabet

8.Which is the first Web Portal?

Ans:Global Network Navigator

9.What is NUI?

Ans: Natural User Interface

10.Which initiative from Kerala is selected by Google to promote Google Summer of Code?

Ans: Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC)

11.Which brand of Smartphone uses Oxygen OS?

Ans: Oneplus

12. identify the logo

*image omitted from post 

Ans: Digilocker

13. Spartan is the code name of?

Ans:Microsoft Edge

14. Which company developed and manufactured Gorilla Glass?

Ans: Corning

15. What is IP Rating?

Ans: Ingress Protection. It defines the capacity of smartphone against water and dust

16. Identify the logo


Ans: Computer Emergency Response Team ( text maybe blanked from original image)

17. Fullform of CES

Ans: Consumer Electronics Show

18. ‘In the Plex’ is a book about?

Ans: Google

19. Match the following AI Projects and their developers


20. Who is Youtuber of the Year 2016?

Ans:Casey Neistat


Credits for Kozhikode IT Quiz HSS Questions: Rudra Dinesh

kozhikode-it-quiz Check Kozhikode IT Quiz  HS Questions and answers 2016

1. Identify the logo

Ans: Hi-Tech IT School

2.Identify this logo


Ans: iTunes

3.Identify the logo

*image omitted

Ans: Tencent QQ

4. Identify the Person


Ans: Niklas zennström

5. Identify this Women


Ans:: Padmasree Warrior

6. Identify this Women


Ans: Lady Ada LoveLace

7. Expand GIF

Ans: Graphical Interchange Format

8. Expand IMEI

Ans: Internation Mobile Equipment Identity

9.Expand AJAX

Ans: Asynchronous Javascript and XML

10. Which Device will get the Android Nougat update first?


11. What is dogspot?


12.Which is the first device with built in google assistant?

Ans:Google Pixel

13.The first primitive X were built by German physicist Heinrich Hertz. What is his invention?

Ans: Radio Transmitter

14. Connect question with 4 differentapps

Ans: iPhone Apps was the connection

15.Which is the Parent Compapny of Google?

Ans: Alphabet

16.What is the full form and tagline of Google I/O ?

Ans: “I/O” stands for input/output, as well as the slogan “Innovation in the Open”

17.Expand gTld ?

Ans: Generic top-level domains

18. What is these types of animated images called?


Ans: Throbber A throbber is an animated graphical control element used to show that a computer program is performing an action in the background (such as downloading content, conducting intensive calculations or communicating with an external device).

19. Which is the Odd one in this


Ans: Opal (not a programming language)

20. What is Google’s new VR Platform?

Ans: Day Dream

Credits for Kozhikode IT Quiz HS Questions and answers – Danish Roshan

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