Latest Information Technology Quiz 2017 ( IT Quiz )


Latest Information Technology Quiz 2017 Questions and answers ( IT Quiz )

1.Which company for the first time was acquired by 16 million subscribers within the first month of commercial operations ?

Ans:Reliance Jio


2.Which district or state is the leading it explorter in India?



3.Tokyo Tsushin kogyo is commonly known as___________  also BackRub is known as ___________ ?

Ans: SONY, Google


4.The founders and employees of this company have gone on to start various other companies such as LinkedIn, YouTube, yammer etc giving rise to the the term Mafia. Which company?

Ans: Paypal Mafia


5.Which video game is banned in Saudi Arabia since it had characters resembling the cross and Star of David?

Ans: Pokemon


6.Who is the brand ambassador of Micromax?

Ans: Hugh Jackman


7.Who founded Bharath sanchar Nigam limited?



8.The company was founded in 1901 in Japan. The company’s name was coined from two kanji characters meaning sun and rise. Which company?

Ans: Hitachi


9.Start up chile the government-backed accelerator program that’s funded over a thousand international startups is launching S-factory a 12 week program on entrepreneurship targeted at whom?

Ans: Female-founded startups


10. This company originated as a manufacturers of mechanical pencils but soon the company’s founder sold his patent and began manufacturing radios. Today, this company is an gaint in the field of consumer electronics. Which company?


Latest Information Technology Quiz 2017

11.The X Internet time is a system of time in which instead of hours and minutes, the 24 hours day is divided up into 1000 parts called. “Beats”,each .beat has 26.4 seconds. The new time scale is called BMT where the HQ of this watch company is situated. This was created as a campaign for their beat range of watches. Find X

Ans: Swatch


12.A pharmaceutical company is developing a glucose sensing contact lens that helps to monitor glucose levels continuously. Which company?

Ans:Medella Health


13.He wanted to establish an online venue for direct person to person auction of collectible items and thus was born “Auction web”,which was hosted under a site that he had created for information on the Ebola virus. Who?

Ans:Pierre Omidyar


14.Which company is designing a bacteria free smart phone for hospital workers since 20% to 30% of bacteria are transferred between a cell phone and a finger?

Ans: Blackberry


15.The tanaka engineering works by Hisashige tanaka and  Ichisuke Fujioka’s Shibaura engineering company merged to form which company that was initially called Tokyo Shibaura denki?




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16.The fifth estate is a movie based on this Australian publisher and journalist who started hacking at the age of 16 using the name “Mendex”. Who?

Ans: Julian Assange

Latest Information Technology Quiz 2017

17.A person started a Chinese e-commerce company in 1999 that provides business-business, business-consumer as well as consumer-consumer sales services through web portals. Which company?


18. This is the Old logo of?

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