Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017

Latest Information Technology Quiz Questions 2017 for students preparing for Kerala IT Quiz 2016 prepared by Kiran G Krishnan

1.  Who wrote the book “The startup Diaries”?
Ans. Neeti John, Gagan Jain

2. ID Him

Image result
Ans. M Sivasankar (IT Secretary of Kerala)

3. Which e commerce giant launched children’s bookshelf on children’s day?
4.Which institution launched new technology called E-Crop
an electronic crop simulator, which communicates to the farmers directly
from the field on behalf of the crop?
Ans.  CTCRI (Central Tuber Crops Research Institute)
5.Who wrote the book “Breaking Out Abd Making Big”?
Ans. Rudrajeet Singh

6  Who wrote the book “Googled by God”?
Ans.Pulkit Ahuja
7.  Expand CEWiT
Ans.Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology
8. What is c0c0n? Which place hosted c0c0n 2016?
9.    Who acquired
Ans. Myntra
10.     Who wrote the book “Contagious: How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age”?
Ans. Jonah Berger

Credits : Kiran G Krishnan

1.The first high-level programming was ..........

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