Latest Programming Languages Quiz


Try this Latest Programming Languages Quiz to check how updated you are in the tech world. Go on and happy quizzing!! πŸ™‚


1. Which programming language, designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, is developed by Apple Inc.

Answer – Apple Swift


2. Which general-purpose HL language was developed on the PDP-11 computer at Bell Labs in 1972?

Answer – C language


3. The four languages that made their debut in 1995 were Java, JavaScript, PHP, and _____.

Answer – Ruby


4. This famous programming language with its quoted slogan of “Write Once, Run Anywhere”, introduced the novel idea of a Virtual Machine, that made it possible to write programs that would be run on different platforms without the need for recompilations. Identify this language.

Answer – JAVA


5. Which technology made it possible for JavaScript to be run on the server-side?

Answer – Node.js


6. PHP in combination with other popular open-source technologies like Linux, Apache, and MySQL formed a commonly known X stack. Identify X.

Answer – LAMP


7. This β€˜oldest’ modern programming language is a product of academia, having been designed by Martin Odersky while working at the EPFL in Switzerland. It combines object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. Name this language.

Answer – Scala


8. Go language, or more commonly known as Golang was created by which biggest IT giant in 2009?

Answer – Google


9. It is a systems programming language that was created by Mozilla Research as a safer and more efficient alternative to C/C++. It was officially released as an open-source project back in 2010. The lead designer of the language was Graydon Hoare. Which programming language has been talked about here?

Answer – Rust


10. The most famous project implemented using Go is perhaps _____, the software technology for creating containers. Fill in the blank.

Answer –Docker


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