Latest Tech quiz questions and answers 2017


Tech quiz questions and answers 2017 framed by Albin Mathew

1.  ‘X’ works by identifying the _vein pattern_ in the palms of our hands.

Similar to our fingerprints, vein patterns are unique to each individual. Italian banking group UniCredit has developed a commercial biometric payment system based on this technology. Y first commercially introduced X  in July 2004 in Japan.
Identify X and Y ?

Ans: X : Palmsecure

Y : Fujitsu

2. X created by Y takes an image, breaks it down and turns it into something new. The end result looks like something created by an artist with a paintbrush on canvas instead of a photo.By using a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, the end results are a real sight to behold. It doesn’t just put a filter over your image, it actually scans the data to apply the style in an impressive way. What is X and name  the Russian Y?

Ans: PRISMA by Alexey Moiseenkov

3.Boeing researcher Thomas Caudell coined the term X in 1990, to describe how the head-mounted displays that electricians used when assembling complicated wiring harnesses worked. One of the first commercial applications of X technology was the yellow “first down” line that began appearing in televised football games sometime in 1998. Ivan Sutherland invented the first X head-mounted display at Harvard University. What is X?

Ans:Augmented Reality (AR)

4. Windows 10 Insider builds will now feature X .The change was teased on Twitter by Matthijs Hoekstra, Senior Program Manager for Windows Enterprise Developer Platform, and spotted by a user that goes by the nickname of Chris123NT .According to Hoekstra, only Windows 10 Insider builds will feature it while stable Windows 10 versions will continue to use the classic theme.
What is X ?

Ans: Green Screen Of Death( GSOD ).

5.Yahoo’s machine translation service is known as Babel fish .It is a comedy science fiction series created by Douglas Adams. Which book serves as the origin to this service?

Ans: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

6.David Bradley, realized that testing the computer required that it be rebooted often. Typically, that required powering the computer down and restarting it, which slowed everything down.So he coded as X+ Y + Z. But his choice of keys proved dangerous, since all are appeared in left.So he choosed new combination that we commonly use today.What was the first introduced combination?

Ans: Ctrl+Alt+Esc

7. AHCI  is a technical standard defined by Intel that allows software to communicate with Serial ATA (SATA) devices that are designed to offer features not offered by Parallel ATA (PATA) controllers, such as hot-plugging and Native Command Queuing (NCQ).What does AHCI stands for??

Ans: Advanced Host Controller Interface

Latest Tech quiz questions and answers 2017

8.When Microsoft founder and CEO Gates took the wraps off the first version of the OS. Gates’ original name for Windows was X, but Rowland Hanson*, a Microsoft marketing guru at the time, is credited with convincing Gates to go with Windows.What is X?

Ans: Interface Manager

9.Microsoft has dumped its proposed X campaign, which was due to launch Windows XP next week, in favour of “Yes You Can” in light of the September 11 terrorist attacks.What was that XP slogan?

Ans:Prepare to fly


tech quiz questions and answers

He was a Chief Operating Officer of Data Air Lines.Now he is the president and CEO of X , worlds leading provider of open source enterprise IT products and services.
Who is he?
What is X?

Ans: James M. Whitehurst

X: Redhat


Clue:-It is now owned by NOKIA

Ans: Bell Labs

12. Identify

Ans: LG Rolly keyboard(folding keyboard)

Latest Tech quiz questions and answers 2017


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